Country Coordinator,
Diana de Fouler
Diana de Fouler, Panama

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When I first learned about Moms in Prayer, I was going through a difficult time with my children. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with them. I had raised my two children in the Lord’s ways, but they were drifting away. It was at the Moms in Prayer hour that the Lord taught me He is the unchanging God, and this attribute put me back on track and allowed me to see my children’s transformation. I praise Him!

Prayer thanks and requests

We thank God for: 

  • the 48 new moms who attended our Moms in Prayer events.
  • group leaders who have remained faithful.
  • the two new groups that started in Santa Librada and Los Robles.

We are asking God for:

  • new groups in Bocas del Toro and Darien.
  • each leader and group member to share the ministry.
  • help to reach out to 5 new districts with Moms in Prayer.

Do you want to start or join a group in Panama?  Email Diana