100th Episode Celebration

100 episodes! Today, Lee is joined by Moms in Prayer President, Sally Burke and our Founder, Fern Nichols, to celebrate all God has done as we complete 100 episodes of God’s faithfulness. Listen as they discuss their favorite episodes, how they are still growing in prayer, and their advice for new moms and grandmas.

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Psalm 40, Philippians 1:6, Acts 20

Episodes mentioned:

Episode 89- Amber Lia
Episode 94- Kay West
Episode 80- Linda Aalderink
Episodes 2, 69- Jeff Eckart
Episode 13- Patti Garibay
Episode 18- Kori Pennypacker
Episode 65- Dannah Gresh

About our Guests:

Sally Burke is a dynamic speaker, teacher, author and the President of Moms in Prayer International. She leads a worldwide ministry that equips and encourages women in the transforming power of prayer. Sally is an avid runner, a fast talker, and a fervent lover of Jesus. Sally and her husband Ed have four grown children, three grand kids, and live in sunny California.

Fern Nichols is the Founder of Moms in Prayer International, a global ministry whose vision is to reach children and schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray. She has authored five books and studies including Moms Little Book of Powerful Prayers and When Moms Pray Together, as well as the Booklet used to begin groups in 146 countries around the world and in all 50 US States. She and her husband, Rle, have been married 51 years, have 4 children and 10 precious grandchildren. They make their home in Poway, California.

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  1. I’m so grateful for this podcast. I’d heard of it but I never really participated I only would pray whenever I saw intagram. I think God is leading me into participating in a more engaging way with you guys. I’m from Argentina by the way. Regards!!

  2. What an amazing episode! My new favorite is episode 100!!! Thank you Fern, Sally and Lee for all you do to spread God’s love to our children! God is doing amazing things becuase you continue to say “Here I am, I have come to do your will.”
    ‭‭from Hebrews‬ ‭10:9‬ ‭NIV‬

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