25 New Prayer Warriors in 24 Hours

I don’t know about you, but I worry. I worry all the time!!! I am a mother of two young, sweet children, Landon, 3, and Hadley, 11 months. This world they are growing up in is so scary and way different than when we were children. I constantly think about … will my children have the right friends? Will they be respectful? Will they stay on the straight and narrow? Will they love Jesus?? When I contemplate these questions, I know in my heart that I can try and raise them the best I can and strive in all these areas, BUT at some point I have to let go and know that I can’t control it. CONTROL!!! What a huge thing that I struggle with, a huge thing we probably all struggle with.
With all my worrying and controlling, the only thing I feel I can do sometimes is pray. This led me to think, “I can’t possibly be the only young mom feeling this way?” I didn’t know where to start, but growing up in a Moms in Prayer home, I realized that starting or joining a prayer group is exactly what I needed. I went online to their website in hopes of finding an existing group in my area, but found out there isn’t a group within 60 miles of my town. My mission as a praying mom just got bigger!

So, I took action … I shared my heart, my struggles with my MOPS group through Facebook and basically wanted to reach out and see if anyone wanted to start this endeavor with me. 
Can you believe, that the following morning, I had 25 moms wanting to start a Moms in Prayer group? I knew I wasn’t in it alone! All it took was sharing my heart, being open and transparent.

So, in saying all this … I challenge you all. Let’s be the next generation of moms to pray for our kids—not only in their school years—but pray them through their every step. I know that when I pray for them it gives me a sense of HOPE and CONTENTMENT, that I have placed them and their lives in the hands of the Lord. Sometimes it’s all we can do! “Where prayers are focused, power falls.”


Lindy Flanigan,
stay-at-home mom and part-time personal trainer, resides in Manteno, Illinois,
and is married to Kyle, her college sweetheart. She has two children, Landon 3
and Hadley almost one. She enjoys days at home with her kids and working out.
Her favorite hobby is refinishing old furniture.

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