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4 Friends Who Persevered

They were all amazed and praised God, exclaiming, “We’ve never seen anything like this before!”*

As I was rereading the familiar story in Mark chapter 2 about the four friends of the paralytic, I saw a parallel to the times we are living in. The story begins with four men who had put their friend on a mat and were carrying him to Jesus for healing. However, there was a big obstacle. The crowd around Jesus was too great and they could not get to Him; the house where Jesus was teaching was packed with people!

I love that this did not thwart them! They just got creative. They decided to go through the roof instead. The result? Their friend was brought to Jesus and not only did He heal him, but He forgave his sins! A double healing!

We want to bring our children to Jesus, but there are obstacles in the way. Let’s follow the example of these four persevering friends! It is time to be creative.

Ideas to help you persevere in your Moms in Prayer groups until Covid restrictions are lifted:
  • Online group – Meet through video conferencing sites such as Zoom, Google Hangout or Skype. If you’re leading a Moms in Prayer group, ask if there’s a group member who can be in charge of technology.
  • Conference call group – Use a free conference call service such a and pray together over the phone. If your group is large, you can use this service for the first 3 steps (Praise, Silent Confession and Thanksgiving) then have ladies partner up and call each other for the intercession portion.
  • Phone group – Call one another and pray together two by two over the phone or through Facetime.  Each week you could pray with a different mom in your group or continue to have the same prayer partner.
  • Outside group – Meet at a park or in someone’s back yard.
  • Walking group – Meet together in a central location for the first 3 steps (Praise, Silent Confession and Thanksgiving), then partner up to walk and pray for intercession time.

No matter how you choose to continue in your Moms in Prayer group, I want to encourage you with this. Because the four friends persevered, because they did not give up, and because they found a way and brought their friend to Jesus, not only was he healed, everyone around them witnessed the miracle! “They were all amazed and praised God, exclaiming, ‘We’ve never seen anything like this before!’”*

Through your prayers, you are transforming lives, bringing God glory, and testifying to the goodness of God and the power of prayer! Because you are praying, people will be exclaiming, “We have never seen anything like this before!”

*Mark 2:12b (NLT)

Stacy Callender Moms in Prayer Southern California State Coordinator

Stacy Callender is the Moms in Prayer Southern California State Coordinator. She has been involved in the ministry since her daughter started kindergarten in 1999. Stacy has witnessed the power of God through prayer which has created a contagious passion in her which is evident to all. Stacy and her husband Scott have four children.

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