5 Steps to Remove the Residual Crud

I am noticing some residual crud in my heart.

Residual crud = irritation at others you can’t seem to shake off.

Perhaps you have it too. It sounds like this in your mind: I am so angry at them, I hate them, I can’t believe they…, I don’t know why anyone would ever…, people always…, they are so…, why does this always happen to me, they should apologize, no one ever…

If we identify residual crud in our mind and circle it like a classified ad, we can see it for what it is and tackle it.

First Step: Ask yourself…

What is my residual crud?

What caused it? (What person, place or circumstance makes you hold on to it?)

Working through this first step is powerful.

Here’s what I learned: I am angry at some girls from my church. I thought they were Jesus lovers, but they injured me. They misunderstood me. I can’t get over it.

But we must push past this first step, or we’ll never release it to God. To make real headway, we have to get to the second step.

Second Step: Inquire of your heart…

What am I getting from this? How do I benefit from holding on to these feelings?

For instance, I realized I am benefitting because I feel like I’m owed something. I can wallow in the needy status of “victim” and am excused from doing good things because they’ll just declare it “bad.” I’m off the hook from trying, because there’s no way, with them against me, to succeed.

When I admit it, I can see I’m using this offense to prevent God’s work.

How is your offended heart relieving you of something? Of hurt? Of calling? Of purpose? Of fear of failure? This question is deep. It requires prayer and an open heart. Ask God to show you, so you can let go.

Often our own mindsets keep us from God’s best. Our humps of hurt prohibit us from seeing his lands of freedom.

But those lands wait.

Third Step: Imagine what God has on the other side of your hump.

On the other side of my hump, I see this: No one stands greater than God’s plan. God knows my heart. If God is for me, no one can stand against me. I am not defined by women’s opinions. I am defined by God’s love. In this world, there will be trial and tribulation, yet God is the Overcomer. God is the Equipper. The unseen realm always trumps the seen realm. He will make my way as I trust Him. He is my everything.

Fourth Step: Decide you don’t want to carry your hurt anymore.

It’s sounds like this: God, take this weight. I don’t want to carry this unforgiveness, bitterness and malice anymore. I fully, 100% forgive them.

Fifth Step: Let it go.

Keep returning to the third step when your soul needs a boost in truth. Let God take care of them. His justice is the best justice and his love in you far exceeds the hatred the enemy wants to keep in you.

A final note:  This is why silent confession during the Moms in Prayer hour is so important. We ask God to search our hearts and reveal any areas of our lives that are not pleasing to Him, then we ask to be filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit. Join a Moms in Prayer group now and experience the joy of gathering with other moms to pray each week.


Kelly Balarie, blogger at Purposeful Faith and author of “Fear Fighting: Awakening the Courage to Overcome Your Fears” is passionate about joining hands with women who often find themselves stuck in the pits of life. Step-by-step, word-by-word, her dream is that together they can emerge better – fear, fret, and panic-free. Get all of Kelly’s Purposeful Faith blog posts by email for a dose of inspiration and encouragement.

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  1. When I feel irritated by my husband – the Lord often brings me back to the Scriptures if Hosea 2. Although this was a literal story of a man who loved a prostitute – we can also look at this as God loving us – despite the fact that we often exalt relationships above His ability to provide ALL things – including the relational needs or physical needs or expectations that we frequently put on our husbands. In Hosea 2:14 after a severe rebuke it says : then I will allure her – I will speak comfort to her as in the days of her youth. I will give her the Valley of Achor (which is translated trouble) as a door of HOPE. It goes on to say that He will be our HUSBAND and no longer our Master – meaning that we can have such intimacy with the Lord that it can even be a picture of marriage.

    We “know” Him in the fellowship of His sufferings.

    God is FAITHFUL! He’s a GOOD, GOOD Father – and even when terrible false accusations come – which we know comes from the accuser of the brethren – we give it no power to torment our mind.

    We ask God to take captive our thoughts and give us the mind of Christ. We ask Him to renew our mind with the washing of the Word of God – which is living, active and able to discern all the way to the bone and marrow.

    Then – we acknowledge that god can meet all of our needs according to His riches in Glory. Finally, we Pray – Jesus – help me be an encourager to my husband today and Father please meet whatever need is in His heart that is not reconciled to you – that is causing him to get on my nerves so bad.

    Then ALL the people said, In the Name of Jesus! The Name above ALL Names. So Be It – and Amen!

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