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6 Things I Wish I’d Known About Prayer as a Young Mom

When I was a teenager, I accepted Jesus as my Savior, but at the time lacked the maturity to grasp how important it was to spend time getting to know Him and His transforming love for me. Later, as a busy mom of three elementary school children, I wanted to learn how to pray for my children. What was this was supposed to look like? I wasn’t really sure. Then I heard about Moms in Prayer and joined a group.

Now, many years later, I want to come alongside you as moms of young children and tell you these six things I learned through prayer and wish I had known earlier in my Christian life! Read and share with your friends:

1. Start with PRAISE.

When faced with life challenges, I wish I’d known to refocus on who Scripture tells us God IS. Praise gets us back on the road with the right perspective. Praise dispels our anxiety. Praise halts our human grasp for control, helping us refocus on what and Who is TRUE. Instead of starting with the problem, I wish I’d known to start prayer with praise. It would have stabilized my life with God’s peace much earlier.

2. Listen. 

I used to think of prayer as a one-sided monologue… with me doing all the talking. I wish I’d known to stop talking so much. To stop and listen to the Lord, so I could better understand what He wanted me to pray. Humbly listening to God requires me to remember who I am in His presence.

I also wish I’d known the power and importance of confession earlier and let the Holy Spirit guide me through this time. Repenting regularly for the things I struggle with and asking God to help me, lifts the burdens I’ve placed on myself and calls to mind my need for the Lord.

3. Journal. 

I wish I had begun a simple thanksgiving journal earlier! Then I could remember the many ways God had blessed me through answered prayers since my young mom years. At the time, I thought I’d never forget, but… I have. This valuable keepsake can be an inheritance for the next generation. It becomes my personal story of God’s faithfulness!

4. Bless.

There was a time when I felt guilty because I didn’t pray much. I wrongly thought prayer was an obligation rather than a privilege – a blessing. Author Jennifer Kennedy Dean explains, “Prayer is the channel (conduit) through which God’s will is brought to earth.” Prayer connects me personally to The Power Source! Prayer is not a have to, it’s a GET to! It allows me to bless others God brings into my life.

5. Pray Scripture.

Honestly, one of the reasons I didn’t pray much in my earlier years was because I didn’t know what to pray, especially in difficult situations where I felt overwhelmed! Through Moms in Prayer, I discovered that Scripture was my prayer guide. The Holy Spirit led me to pray godly character qualities from specific verses and His promises, for people and situations. Learning to pray Scripture protected me from the danger of trying to tell God what He should do to fix things when I prayed. Praying Scripture over others reaps much more than an easy fix to earthly problems. It is an eternal investment in them!

6. Pray in agreement.

Group prayer used to either intimidate me… or put me to sleep. But discovering one accord, agreement prayer through my Moms in Prayer group changed that for me. I wish I’d known earlier how short, conversational prayer, when led by the Spirit, can bring a fuller, richer and exciting component to group praying. It doesn’t replace that sweet, essential personal prayer time with Jesus. It enhances and broadens it. Matthew 18:20 tells us that where two or three gather in Jesus’ name, He’s right there with them. Whether I’m the receiver or the giver of the prayers, there’s special blessing related to unified prayer.

God is gracious and patient with all of us as we learn more about the privilege and discipline of prayer. You just need to start. Don’t put this off. Start now, even when you’re busy. Moms in Prayer groups meet for just one hour per week. When I had younger kids, the support of other moms while praying together for our kids and their schools, was a lifeline. God is the One who cares for our children most and has the power to transform their hearts.

Like me, you’ll look back and be amazed at the progress in your prayer life! And it doesn’t end there. Now I’m praying for my grandchildren and leaving a legacy of prayer for them.

Because he bends down and listens, I will pray as long as I breathe!  Psalm 116:2 (TLB)

Gayle Hadden met and fell in love with Jesus as a teen and is continuing to grow in His grace over her. She is married to her Kansas high school sweetheart, Terry, and is blessed to be called Mom by three and Nana by five darling grandchildren. A lover of birding, travel, boating and all things chocolate, she finds spending time with “the fam” is still her favorite pastime. Gayle serves as the Moms in Prayer USA Division Coordinator for the seven Heartland states of Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. She is still praying in a Moms in Prayer (MIP) group and will forever be a MIP mom and grandmom.



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  1. This is so good! I can see each of your six points in my own life. These are good thoughts for sharing Moms in Prayer with others.

    1. Amen! This is very encouraging Gayle! God is so amazing to break up the steps for us in ways we an understand! Thank you for sharing !

    2. Liz, God is so good isn’t He? Many of us joined a Moms in Prayer group to bless our children. But God chose to bless us moms too as we got to know Him better through our unified prayers over them. Yes, let’s be sure we all share the gift of Moms in Prayer with the next generation of moms so they and their children won’t MISS the blessings!

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