A Single Mom’s Story – the Power of Prayer!

By A North Carolina Mom

A friend told me about Moms in Prayer
International (formerly known as Moms In Touch International) in 2005.  I was a single mom and in much pain from a
marital separation.  Through praying
with several Moms in Prayer groups over a 5 year period, God birthed in me
a love for prayer and for accountability. Both have kept me on the straight and
narrow path.  This path has led me to a
reconciled marriage as well as given me two children who have a heart for
prayer and for the Lord.
It was the prayers of the Moms in Prayer groups and
a church prayer group that God used to defy the “norm” for children
from a broken home.  My teenage son
was asked to be the chaplain for his Boy Scout troop. My 10 year old daughter
taught Bible stories at lunchtime to witness to her friends. In addition, she was
asked by a friend to help with a bible study at recess. I truly believe that
kids that are prayed FOR, prayed WITH, and prayed OVER (by their own moms and
other moms) can do amazing things for God’s glory. Not because they themselves are
amazing – but because they serve an amazing God who will always honor prayer.

I recommend Moms in Prayer to all moms but
especially to single moms. The task of raising children without another adult
in the house is extremely difficult. Single moms need much wisdom,
encouragement, and accountability. Without these things, single moms will likely
follow the destructive ways of coping with pain that the world offers.   However,
they can find everything they need and from a biblical perspective within a Moms
in Prayer group. What a treasure I found in this ministry!

I am thrilled to tell you that after being a single
mom for 6 years that I am no longer separated. God brought me and my husband
back together through the prayers of many for many years. I moved back home in
Sept 2010. That was just in time to celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary
with my wonderful husband on Oct. 20th!

I give credit first to my Lord for restoring a
marriage and a family.  Then, I give
credit to my Moms in Prayer and church prayer partners who truly “carried
my burdens” just as the Lord directed them to. They are the best friends I
have ever had. They cried when I moved but kept saying with a smile through
their tears,   ”THIS (referring to me going back to my husband) is
what we have been praying for all these years! It is an amazing testimony to
God’s faithfulness and power!”   Truly, God has done exceedingly,
abundantly more than I could ever ask or imagine through the prayers of many. Prayer after prayer…year after year… that is
what God loves to reward by transforming lives for His glory!

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  1. Se alguém ver este comentário e puder orar por mim!!!! Estou divorciada há 5 anos, tem sido muito difícil!!! Meu filho está crescendo sem um lar. Moro com meus pais e estou exausta, Como mãe e como mulher. Creio sim no poder da oração!!! Obrigada!!! Ora vem Senhor Jesus Cristo!!!

  2. Glory be to God..I have been single for 12 years. With my four kids and into Ministry God has been faith. I listened to a woman as me today on k love radio. Someone bought her a house paid for everything. She has been in the house for 7 years paying nothing. I said God you needed me to hear this to encourage myself. Beloved, our God sees it all .In your pain and struggles I pray the Lord gives you grace to bring up your children in God.Money cannot buy that.When I heard that..I said to myself God will you not do the same for me? I just declared my faith and believing God for my miracle as well.Until then nothing can seperate me from the love of God. He has thought me and my kids how to be abased and how to be abound. Let us hope in him Single moms. Let him be our focus.His banner over us is love. He loves you and I unconditionally. Great testimony from you too dear sister.We bless God for your life.

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