Answered Prayer!

Answered prayer! One of a Christian’s greatest joys is to play a part in God’s work of answering prayer.

In one never-to-be-forgotten June week, I had the opportunity to share Moms in Prayer in Kenya. Our country coordinator there connected me with Sarah in Nairobi, the city I was to visit, and, via email, we planned our meeting.

God’s fingerprints were all over this! Before Sarah had even heard of Moms in Prayer, the Lord prompted her to pray for her children … AND for their teachers and schools! She invited a group of friends to join her, and together they asked God to show them the best way to pray. In an online search, Sarah “just happened” to find Moms in Prayer.

Even though she had ordered some of our materials, , Sarah and her group wanted training in the Four Steps of Prayer… so they began to pray, “Lord, send someone to teach us.” Shortly after they prayed, Sarah received my email.

Kenya_Karen with Sarah_4 steps 2_edited

When we first met at a coffee shop, Sarah fell into my arms, thanking me profusely and praising God for the opportunity to receive training and for His answer to her prayers. Her enthusiasm was overwhelming.

I was able to role model one accord praying and led her step by step through Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving and Intercession. Together we prayed with tears of joy!

I was struck by her hunger for God and how she treasured the gift Moms in Prayer had to offer. I was humbled and wondered to myself how many times we take for granted our Moms in Prayer meetings in the USA? How many times are we unappreciative of the glorious gift offered through Christ? I pray that I will rejoice each week in my own Moms in Prayer time as I reflect on the smiling and radiant eyes of Sarah.

A bonus to God’s blessing … Sarah runs a small, private Christian school, and she plans to implement Moms in Prayer for all the students’ moms. God always goes above and beyond what we ask or imagine!

In the course of my journey to Africa, I had the privilege of praying with various groups throughout Kenya and Ethiopia. How my heart ached for moms who told me that the jihadist terrorist group, Al-Shabaab, has recruited many of their Christian-raised children. One weeping mother spoke of her distress, “Al-Shabaab is using our own children to destroy us.” The hearts of the women I met were desperate, hungry and zealous for the Lord, eager to stand in the gap and fight for their children.

Kenya_Karen with Sarah praying_edited

At home, my own Moms in Prayer group had my back! Their diligent prayers for this trip were priceless. What joy I saw in the faces of moms in Kenya and in Ethiopia when I shared with them that women on the other side of the world cared about them, were praying for them and loved them through Christ our Lord.

The women in my Moms in Prayer group put hands and feet to their prayers. They took the initiative and supplied me with Moms in Prayer Booklets in Amharic and English. They also purchased an abundance of T-shirts for children at an orphanage and long skirts for women, traditional attire for these nations. Thanks to them, we were able to bless children with over 100 T-shirts and bless potential Moms in Prayer leaders with Booklets in their own language and beautiful, long skirts complements of their California sisters.

What a joyous time in Christ!


In addition to being a member of a Moms in Prayer group in Fresno, California, Karen Schagunn is our country helper for Croatia, Malta and Slovenia—and has traveled to many countries. She has a ministry for women called Indestructible Daughters and is an instructor for Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.

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  1. bendito sea Dios que alegria leer estos hermosos testimonios,
    me encnataria compartir tambien algunos que hemos tenido en los grupos de madres unidas para orar en Colombia !
    Dios las bendiga

  2. What a beautiful story…and powerful reminder that we still have incredible freedom to pray in ways some of our sisters can’t. And dear God, please turn those children who are following after Al-Shabaab from darkness to the powerful light of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  3. I am hearing this account again and I am still moved to tears! The Lord’s faithfulness to answer a mother’s prayer is overwhelming. He is so Good!!

  4. Karen our love and prayers are with you. Glory to God for the great things HE has done. My heart is broken for these women whose children have been deceived and unknowingly have gone against their sisters and brothers. May God give these moms strength and courage to fight the good fight and know our prayers are powerful and God is working and hearing their prayers.
    Love you my sisters in Christ,
    Dianna clark

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