Apron Strings

I suppose I would look foolish running down the icy street
behind my daughter’s Kia as she drives back to school. Plus it is minus
twenty-five wind chill. I’d be very cold. Cold and foolish. Regardless, that
was the thing I wanted most, waving like an idiot from the window this morning.
Life would be without Lizzie again.

God knows how a mother feels. He, too, once said good-bye
and watched his only son enter a very dangerous world. I’m thankful that over a
decade ago, God gave me a pry-bar as I raised my kids; prayer. (Maybe it is a
pray-bar?) I could never homeschool because I’d be perfectly happy spending
every waking hour with my kids and centering my every thought on them. This is
not healthy. Not for me; not for them. Early on in my mothering I knew that my
life’s purpose regarding the three treasures God placed in my womb was to grow
them to independence. My friend Rowena told me to treasure the last month of
pregnancy because once that baby came out, he would never be as close to me. We
would be separate. And the separation grows exponentially after the first three
months of life. And it keeps growing. Ouch.

Some churches have a prayer room. Me, I have a prayer womb.
Ew. I know. But when I pray for my grown-up kids, God gives me the joy of
nourishing them again. I can call on God to bless them. I can pray Psalm 91 and
pray a bumper of angelic protection around them. My blood no longer nourishes
their bodies, but my spirit connects to the Holy Spirit through prayer, and I
get to pray God’s will for them—then God’s Holy Spirit nourishes their spirits.
This is better than carrying vitamins to their little bodies.
Although the whole mother universe loves the book I’ll Love You Forever, I find the end
disturbing when the mom creeps into her son’s bedroom and rocks him on her lap
as a grown man. What is his wife thinking? Cut the apron strings, Woman! Prayer
is intimate. Our walk with the Lord is the most influential factor in anyone’s
life. Rocking a thirty year old isn’t healthy. Praying for a thirty year old is
a privilege and an opportunity to stand with the Lord and say, “My, what a
beautiful person we’ve raised!”

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Marta Gemelli is the regional director for the Great Lakes Region, which includes Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohioand Wisconsin. She lives in Plainfield, Illinois, and has been married to Mike since 1992. They have three children in high school and college. Marta loves to sit on the swing, pray, walk, read, work in her garden … and spend time with her goofy sisters.

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