Drifting Away

We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard,
so that we do not drift away
Hebrews 2:1 (NIV 1984)
Drift—To be carried along by currents of air or water 
Each day, I pray a scripture for the Moms in
Prayer women in leadership. Today’s scripture from Hebrews 2:1 grabbed my
attention with its warning: If we do not pay careful attention to God’s Word,
we will drift away.
Picture with me a strong swimmer with a goal to reach
a certain destination. With great purpose and vigor he sets out, but somewhere
before he reaches that goal, he becomes distracted or grows weary. Now, instead
of swimming purposefully toward his
goal—yet not exactly swimming away—he
lets his body go with the flow, go with the current. Before he knows it, he is
off course.
How easily that can happen to us. We start out
with purpose and vigor to follow God and to do the work to which He has called
us. Somewhere along the line, though, we can grow weary and ever so subtly
drift away from the truths of God’s Word and His purposes for our lives. Be
wary of these three currents:
       Current of Indifference: We
say to ourselves, does it really matter that I read the Word every day? After all these years, I think
I basically know what it says. Slowly but surely by simple neglect we lose the
discipline of refreshing our minds by reading His mind each day. We lose touch with what God wants to say personally
to each one of us today.
           Current of Weariness: We
swim too hard for too long without taking rest breaks, without taking deeper
times with God. Our daily quiet time is rushed and rote, another item to be checked
off the “to do” list so we can get on with life and paddle wearily onward. We grow
ever weaker because we have not stopped to truly listen to God’s Word and ask
Him to let it penetrate our hearts and direct our days.

       Current of Distraction: We
quite simply find another “word” that captures our hearts, and we drift toward
it instead of staying true to God’s Word. Initially, it might even be a good
thing—a change of diet—but then it becomes an obsession and takes all our
attention … or a political passion that pulls us from being the kind and
compassionate people God asks us to be, no matter what … or a new hobby that
becomes our focus from morning until night, harmless in itself, but a grave
danger when it pulls us from our first Love.
Heavenly Father, help us to pay careful attention
to all You say in Your Word, so that we do not drift away! In Jesus’ Name,
You are loved,

Sharon Gamble, Moms in Prayer USA National Director, resides in Dover, New Hampshire, and has been married to her high school sweetheart, Ray, since 1979. She has two wonderful daughters, two great sons-in-law and three precious grandsons. She loves biking with Ray, walking in all kinds of weather and curling up with a good book by her fireplace.  

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  1. This is a great reminder. I am most grateful for the availability of His Word, His Grace, His presence…which keep me from the even worse dangers that follow drifting away- the unseen dangers of those open waters and perils that come with drifting unprotected into the wide open seas. I love the analogy so much I did a series about Faith Life Preservers…Thank you for this , Sharon. I love your heart for Him- and a reminder of what really matters — His faithful heart for us. Agreeing with you in prayer.

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