DVR Prayer Hour!

By Cathi Armitage


While reading a recent issue of Focus on the Family
magazine, I saw an article about the blessings of the DVR.  It occurred to me that there could be a
connection between the DVR and our Moms in Prayer hour!  I began to really think about the parallels
between the two. 

What is the joy of the DVR for me and my family?  No commercials, fast forward through the
boring or the inappropriate and watch it whenever you want to.  The DVR streamlines the watching.  It’s enjoyable but there is no wasted
time.  Everybody gets to pick their own
favorite show too! 

Do you see any similarities between the Moms in Prayer hour
and your DVR? Here’s what I see:
D-Divine appointment with God, streamlined, only
content, as one of our mottos is, let’s not say it, let’s pray it instead.  Your group can meet when it works for you and
the moms in your group!  You will
experience unity with the ministry but not uniformity as you follow the powerful
4 steps of prayer on your timetable! 
V-Victorious intercession with Jesus pleading on
our behalf.  Hebrews 7:25 says, “Therefore he is able to save
completely those who come to God through him, because He always lives to intercede
for them.”  As you pray in one accord,
you will know that the Lord is at work!
R-Real fellowship!  There is no better way to build a
relationship with God and with each other than through heartfelt prayer for
those you love so deeply.  Where 2 or 3
are gathered, Jesus is in the midst. 
Isn’t it more fun watching your favorite show with someone you
love?  Well, it’s more fun praying with
someone else too! 

And a final reminder for your DVR prayer hour … what is
prayed in the Moms in Prayer hour, stays in the Moms in Prayer hour.  So “delete selection” after your prayer hour,
just like you would when you’re finished with the show!  But keep on praying and remember to “resume
play” the following week! 
Cathi Armitage currently
serves as an area coordinator, part time employee at Moms in Prayer
International headquarters and has been a Moms in Prayer board member since 2008.
Her newest role is as the board chair.  She  lives in San Diego,
California and is married to her high school sweetheart Matt.  They have 3
sons and a daughter.  You might find her watching her son at a high school
baseball game, cooking in the kitchen with her daughter, or at the beach
watching her sons surf.  If you can’t find her at any of those spots, she
may be in the ocean stand-up paddling with Matt.  

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