Global Day of Prayer and Fasting

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Date(s) - 01/09/2019
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Moms in Prayer International’s
January 9, 2019

Join with Moms in Prayer women around the world in a day of fasting and prayer for the children and schools around the globe. Unite together using one global prayer sheet, praising, confessing, thanking and interceding with one mighty voice that the next generation on every continent would come to know, worship and follow the Lord Jesus Christ with whole-hearted devotion. Imagine voices raised over a 24-hour period worldwide … crying out for the same great needs!

Ways to implement this:

  • Call a special meeting of your group and pray together using the prayer sheet.
  • Plan or join a conference call and pray with others in your area. (USA conf. call info coming soon)
  • Meet with one other mom and pray with her.
  • Fast and pray alone if you need to … knowing you are joining your voice with thousands of voices in one accord agreement prayer.

However God leads you … fast. Give up a special food or all foods or fast from sleep and pray in the watches of the night. A fasting is a sacrifice, a giving up of something precious because your heart yearns for something MORE precious. In this case, that the children of the world would come to know the living God.

USA Prayer Conference Call Schedule

Prayer Sheet – English

Prayer Sheet – Albanian

Prayer Sheet – Arabic

Prayer Sheet – Simplified Chinese

Prayer Sheet – Traditional Chinese

Prayer Sheet – Dutch

Prayer Sheet – Finnish

Prayer Sheet – French

Prayer Sheet – German

Prayer Sheet – Hungarian

Prayer Sheet – Icelandic

Prayer Sheet – Indonesian

Prayer Sheet – Italian

Prayer Sheet – Japanese

Prayer Sheet – Korean

Prayer Sheet – Mums

Prayer Sheet – Norwegian

Prayer Sheet – Polish

Prayer Sheet – Russian

Prayer Sheet – Spanish

Prayer Sheet – Swedish

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  1. I will be joining you in prayer and in fasting for this opportunity to pray for God to intervene and bring awareness of His incredible love for each child. My verse for today is “pray without ceasing”, 1at Thessalonians 5:17. Definitely not a coincidence as God confirms this is the day to pray!!

  2. HALLELUJAH!!! Power GREAT LAKES Regional Prayer Call! THANK YOU and GOD BLESS U Beloved Marta for leading and to each and every praying Mom from IL, IN, MI, OH, WI and other states who joined us.

    Ephesians 3:16-21 (NLT)
    16 I pray that from HIS glorious, unlimited resources HE will empower you with inner strength through HIS SPIRIT. 17 Then CHRIST will make HIS home in your hearts as you trust in HIM. Your roots will grow down into GOD’s love and keep you strong. 18 And may you have the power to understand, as all GOD’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep HIS love is. 19 May you experience the love of CHRIST, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from GOD.

    20 Now all glory to GOD, who is able, through HIS mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. 21 Glory to HIM in the church and in CHRIST JESUS through all generations forever and ever! AMEN AMMMMMMMMEN!!!

  3. Hi Carol,

    It’s best not to be on speaker phone, as the background noise picks up. However, you may put it on mute, and listen in prayer among your group. You can decide what’s best for your group. Thank you!!

  4. Sooo Thankful for this opportunity to pray for my son and for the sons and daughters of other moms globally!!!Praise God!!!

  5. Praying and fasting in agreement here in Fountain Hills, AZ ! Relying fully on Him and the power of the Holy Spirit in us, leading and guiding our time of prayer together to transform lives for His glory.
    Thanking God for this ministry and how He introduced it in my life back in Houston, TX in 2007. Miss my praying moms there and know He will bring hearts to pray over these schools here now.

  6. How convenient that our working moms group in Portland, Oregon meets on this Global Day of Prayer evening. I was working up the prayer sheet on another topic and then caught myself, saying “Wow, God Empowers”, you can’t beat that for starting the New Year in prayer. What a wonderful prayer sheet. Thank you for preparing this again this year.

  7. We will be joining you for the Arizona call on January 9th. We are a grandma group, teaming up with a prodigal group in the Prescott area. Maybe about 9 MIP sisters. Do you think several of us should dial in, or just forget the conference call and pray using the prayer sheet provided?

  8. Nothing is more powerful than Moms uniting in Prayer. I will definitely join in the Global Prayer and fasting.
    Kind regards.

  9. For this Child I prayed,and the LORD has granted me my petition which I asked of Him 1Samuel1:27 Amen

    A day dedicated to get on our knees for our beloved Children. May the Lord Strengthen all Moms on this Global day of Prayer n Fasting.

  10. I have out of town company this week, but will be with you in mind, spirit and cause. May the Lord bless this fasting focus!

  11. Matthew 21:22 “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive if you have faith”

    Blessed to be praying with you all!

    I will pray earnestly for all of you and this precious ministry!

  12. Praise His Holy Name!!
    He is so faithful to hear our prayers!!
    I am proud to be joined with you ladies to pray for our children, grandchildren, and schools!

  13. This is great execution to be done. We trust the Lord to assist us do it for our children globally on 9th January 2019 . We pray for God’s intervention and believe that wonders will happen such that as we move on during the Year, we shall see great works amongst our children both locally and globally. May God be exalted as he does his work. Amen! However, there is no sheet for Ghana. I wish one will be created for use please. Thank you.

  14. This is great execution to be done. We trust the Lord to assist us do it for our children globally on 9th January 2019 . We pray for God’s intervention and believe that wonders will happen such that as we move on during the Year, we shall see great works amongst our children both locally and globally. May God be exalted as he does his work. Amen!

  15. With 2 college-age prodigal sons and 1 adult daughter struggling in her faith, I look forward to participating with precious fellow moms worldwide in Global Prayer & Fast. C’mon, Southern California moms, let’s gather to do this in Jesus’ MIGHTY name!

    1. Marcie, thank you for joining us on this day of prayer and fasting! I just prayed for you and your adult children. May you witness our Good Shepherd drawing them back to Him. Merry Christmas

  16. I’m so happy i found a Chinese group in daytime and a English group at evening time. I look forward to join them. Thank you for your efforts to bring different languages into these.

  17. This is amazing. This is Right. What is more powerful than moms all around the world United in Prayer interceeding and comminting into Yaweh’s hands the children HE has knitted and intricately woven in our wombs ?
    Has HE not said said ” Call unto Me and I will give you great and mighty things which thou knowest not” ?
    Let us moms join spiritual hands and Call unto our King and Saviour for He IS FAITHFUL and He will rebuke the devourer for our sakes and HE will make our descendants paths straight.
    I am honored to be part of this group and I will join in this righteous fight for God’s Best for our children and the future generations. ” Let God Arise and Let his enemies be scattered”

  18. With two adult prodigals and a stepson off to high school next year, I will definitely be joining you in prayer on 9 January 2019. I’ll be inviting some moms to join me, so please pray about that too. Much love and blessings from South Africa.

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