Global Day of Prayer & Fasting 2021

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Date(s) - 01/13/2021
All Day


Wednesday, January 13th, 2021
God is Victorious!

Worldwide prayer for revival & spiritual awakening for this next generation, asking for God’s goodness toward students, teachers & schools in this unprecedented time.
In your home, with your family, with your Moms in Prayer group or Online:
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Alabama Prayer Call
Alaska Zoom Call
Arizona Prayer Call
Arkansas Prayer Call
California Zoom Call (Northern)
California Prayer Call (Southern)
Colorado Prayer Call 1 PM
Colorado Prayer Call 8 PM
Connecticut Zoom Call
Florida Zoom Call
Georgia Prayer Call
Great Lakes Zoom Call
Heartland Zoom Call
Hawaii Prayer Call
Idaho Prayer Call 1 PM
Idaho Prayer Call 8 PM
Illinois Prayer Call
Indiana Prayer Call 10 AM
Indiana Prayer Call 7 PM
Iowa Prayer Call
Kansas Prayer Call
Kentucky Prayer Call
Louisiana Prayer Call
Maine Zoom Call AM
Maine Zoom Call PM
Massachusetts Prayer Call 1 PM
Massachusetts Zoom Call 8 PM
Michigan Prayer Call
Mid-Atlantic Prayer Call
Minnesota Prayer Call
Mississippi Prayer Call
Missouri Prayer Call
Mountain Zoom Call 12 PM (CO, ID, MT, NV, UT, WY)

Mountain Prayer Call 1 PM (CO, ID, MT, NV, UT, WY)
Mountain Prayer Call 8 PM (CO, ID, MT, NV, UT, WY)
Nebraska Zoom Call
New Hampshire Zoom Call
New Jersey Prayer Call
New Mexico Prayer Call
New York Zoom Call 12 PM
New York Zoom Call 8 PM
North Carolina Prayer Call 1 PM
North Carolina Prayer Call 8 PM
North Dakota Zoom Call
North Texas Pre-Recorded Zoom Call
Northeast Zoom Call
Ohio Prayer Call 6:30 AM
Ohio Prayer Call 7:00 PM
Oklahoma Prayer Call
Oregon Prayer Call
Pennsylvania Zoom Call
Rhode Island Prayer Call 1 PM
Rhode Island Zoom Call 8 PM
South Carolina Prayer Call
South Dakota Zoom Call
South Texas Prayer Call (English)
Tennessee Prayer Call 1 PM
Tennessee Prayer Call 7 PM
Vermont Zoom Call
Virginia Prayer Call
West Virginia 9 AM
West Virginia 6:30 PM
Wisconsin Prayer Call 

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  1. Hi Moms,
    I wanted to pray with some ladies at my church by forming a prayer group but it did not work out. I continued to pray by myself. One day I was listening to focus on the family on the app and heard about MIPI. I searched the next day and found three groups close by. I chose one and have been with them since. It was what I needed to join other moms to pray for our children. Thank you for your vision and calling to the work of God. Truly, when we pray together, there is no place for gossip. I love the moms in my prayer group. I am and will spread the MIPI to Jamaica. I will be telling my sister. Thank you.

    1. Evangeline, Thank you for your comment and for praying on the Global Day of Prayer & Fasting. What a wonderful testimony about your Moms in Prayer group. Sharing this with your sister will be a great blessing for her. God bless you Evangeline.

    1. Hello Sandra, Thank you for your comment. You can choose to join any one of the conference or zoom calls throughout the USA. See the list/links under, USA STATE/REGION ZOOM OR PRAYER CALLS. So glad you’re joining us!

  2. Hi My name is Rosie Schellenberg. I have been a member/prayer leader for Moms in Prayer Int’l for my area in Jamaica, Queens, NY about 30 years.

    What a peace it gives me to pray for just one hour, with other mom(s) every week, for our children/grandchildren and their schools and bathing them in the word of God in these 4 steps to guided prayer. Not only that, in time those moms will be your dearest friends in Christ.

    Anxiety and fear goes away as we stand in the GAP for our kids – for God is able to do all things but fail.

    Our kids are waiting – hungering, and desperately needing us to pray, and when we do pray, there is such a relief in our spirits, for that is when you are placing your children into God’s Almighty Hands, with this powerhouse, scripturally focused 4 steps to prayer, as you are praying God’s will which is in His word.

    Won’t you get on board – your kids lives will never be the same, believe me!!! There have been SO MANY ANSWERED PRAYERS, you can believe that!!

    Grateful for Moms in Prayer,


    Grandma Rosie

    1. Rosie, what a precious blessing you are to us in New York! Your unwavering faith and commitment to pray without ceasing has inspired us so much over the years. You are a bright and shining light for Jesus in New York City and everywhere you go. Blessed to have you as our faithful friend and prayer partner in Moms in Prayer! Love, Jill

  3. Hi! I am a school District employee currently working online as a 1:1 aide. It is difficult and requires sooooo much patience! I am ready to quit/leave my position for something else within the district or another job as a whole. I REALL need GOD’S guidance in what I should do and how I can be of the optimal assistance. My priority is my three children, two who have disabilities. I also work with children with disabilities. I want my job and home life to be balanced so that I can give my al to my kids but also give a lot to my job without depleting myself as a whole. GOD’S guidance in this would be appreciated!

    1. Hello Melissa, Thank you for your comment and for your hard work as a school district employee. I will pray for you today, that God will guide you in these big decisions and that you will have time for your children, your work, and for rest. May this verse give you comfort: Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life. Psalm 143:8 Also, we have Moms in Prayer groups for moms of children with special needs. See our webpage and Liaison Tricia, who conducts conference calls each month: God bless you Melissa.

    2. Hi Melissa,
      Serving as a 1:1 aide is challenging, yet alone online. During this season, I am praying from Galatians 6:9 NLT for you: “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up”, and also that the LORD will order your steps (set your priorities day by day, and even moment by moment). If you’re interested in finding a Moms in Prayer group or even another mom to pray with, please contact me at

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