Yale college students pray together

Finding God at Yale

A small but mighty group of five Moms in Prayer (MIP) women, along with two prayer-warrior husbands, traveled last February an hour north to New Haven, Connecticut. Our mission: to pray at the Collegiate Day of Prayer (CDOP) gathering, live-streamed from Yale University to the nation. Little did we know that just two weeks later, our country would be in “lock-down” to stop the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. Worship and prayer gatherings of more than ten people would be on hold for many months.

By 1823 most denominations and universities in the USA were spending at least one day a year praying for revival on college campuses. While this original prayer movement ended after 100 years, ten years ago a new prayer effort for colleges began. The Collegiate Day of Prayer has grown quickly to the point that in the past two years, all 4,000+ college campuses and universities in the USA were adopted in prayer.

That cold winter night at Yale, we were warmed with excitement to be part of an historic prayer movement.

We partnered with students and campus ministry staff members to fervently cry out to God to bring revival on the campus of this major American university.

The prayer sheet, customized by Moms in Prayer College Liaison Julie Loos, walked us through important prayer points.

During the 2020 CDOP simulcast prayer gathering, unity was evident among the leaders from multiple organizations such as Cru, Chi Alpha, and Christian Union, as they focused on the theme of “One” based on John 17.  We “found God at Yale” as we partnered in prayer with students and national and local campus ministry leaders and supporters.

Yale parents and alumni pray for revival Moms in Prayer International

Moms in Prayer members and two spouses, Carolyn far right

Mary DiMarco, featured above with her husband, is a Moms in Prayer group leader and alumna of Yale graduate school. She remarked, I still can’t get over the wonderful presence of God I felt at the gathering. I was overjoyed to see the unity and love the students had for one another as they passionately worshipped the Lord and prayed fervently for revival. I attended Yale many years ago and never heard about God’s love or the gospel while I was there. Five years after graduation, I became born again. My life was totally transformed. Shortly after, I had such a burden to pray for those at Yale. I couldn’t hold back the tears that night as I saw the movement of God taking place. What an atmosphere of peace, love and excitement for God!” 

Moms in Prayer group member, Sherri Falco (also featured above) with two sons at Yale, said, “This was a wonderful opportunity to pray for and with the students, for their friends, classmates, and professors.”

My husband, Jay, was one of the men who joined us in prayer. As a Yale alum, he was deeply impacted. I was a bit surprised to see the CDOP held in a small, historic chapel in the middle of campus within steps of where I used to play touch football as a freshman. The space was soon filled with students from various campus Christian groups plus a number of us older folks. As soon as the first praise song began, my eyes welled up as I sang a familiar praise song in a familiar place, realizing I had probably never done such a thing in my four years over half a century ago. The night of students singing for Him and praying fervently truly redeemed the space for me and gave me a new song for the challenging times that followed: Way Maker.”

Following the event, Area Coordinator Deborah Burns and I shared the Moms in Prayer ministry with the young women we prayed with and explained why we were there. Their eyes lit up when we mentioned that their moms might want to connect with a MIP group. The powerful prayers and fragrance of Christ these precious students shared with us continue to remind us to pray for them and their families.

Our on-going prayer is that more and more students and professors will turn to God on their campuses as the “Way-Maker” who brings revival and hope in the midst of very difficult days.

Join us for the Moms in Prayer Collegiate Day of Prayer conference call February 25th!

Moms in Prayer Regional Coordinator New York Carolyn Cathey CastelliCarolyn Cathey Castelli is a Moms in Prayer Regional Coordinator in New York and member of a College/Career Group. She recently retired as a psychiatric nurse after more than 40 years and is grateful to have more time to serve the Lord through Moms in Prayer. Carolyn is active in her church, relishes reading about history, and enjoys the ocean in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. She and her husband look forward to spending more time in person with friends and family this year, including their two daughters, sons-in-love, and four grandchildren.

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  1. Last year when I watched the live stream of CDOP on Yale’s campus, I was blown away by what I saw. I wondered who some of the “older” people were…thinking they could be profs, so now I know! Thank you to Carolyn and Mary and your MIP group and husbands for going in person and for sharing your first hand story with us! I was living vicariously through you…what a joy to experience history in the making. Our little MIP groups throughout the world huddle together each week, praying earnestly for just what we saw happen at Yale last year. Seeing the young people and the older ones praying together in small groups ON the campus of historic and prestigious Yale, was so moving to me. The live stream allowed us to be a fly on the wall and witness answers to our prayers….young people gathering in Jesus’ Name, for worship and prayer, proclaiming Jesus as Lord. This year due to Covid, an in-person live stream event for CDOP was not possible, but prayer is always possible…and that didn’t stop us all from praying over the phone, zoom, or in our small MIP groups for our colleges/universities.

    1. Hi Marcy,
      Thank you so much for taking time to reply to this post and to share your experience regarding the CDOP at Yale U. Those of us who attended in person were truly blessed to live close enough to be there. We were honored that the organizers welcomed us older folks. Our hearts were warmed beyond imagining to hear the prayers and see the faith of the students. And yes, it was most encouraging that old and young could pray together for revival on that historic campus.

      There was a CDOP live-stream event this year (2021) that is still available as of now to watch and listen. I think you will be very encouraged to see this and hear the prayers of the young people. Some sections were live-streamed from other places in the USA (including at least two students praying from Yale U.) and there was a larger group with praise musicians together at Regent U. in Virginia. You will also see Julie Loos and Fern Nichols involved.

      Thank you for all you do to encourage women to pray! He hears and answers those faithful prayers. I am hopeful because our God is Sovereign and all powerful: “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me? Jeremiah 32:27


  2. How inspiring to read about last year’s Collegiate Day of Prayer and see God’s unity at work through Moms in Prayer and the other campus Christian ministries! Looking forward to spreading the message and participating in this year’s Collegiate Day of Prayer. May this work ignite a firestorm of revival on our college campuses!

    1. Post
  3. Amen! Our Mom’s in Prayer group has been praying for Yale for last few years as our son just graduated there and now serve as the Cru intern (Yale Students for Christ). May God hear our prayers and do His Mighty Acts on this campus for His Glory! May His Kingdom come and Will be done!

    1. This is so encouraging to hear, Soojung (Rachael)! Cru is a wonderful ministry at Yale! Thanks so much for your faithful prayers!

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