Five People You Need to Invite

The fall season brings 3 Unshaken regional events you don’t want to miss. Each conference’s schedule is packed with dynamic speakers who are ready to equip you to stand Unshaken in this sin soaked culture. They are parents who believe in the power of prayer and who have crafted messages to help you fight for your children and their generation with courage and confidence. Times of worship, corporate prayer and solid Bible teaching will encourage your spirit and draw you deeper in your faith walk. We know you aren’t going to want to miss Unshaken, but here are five people you might not have considered inviting to come with you:

  1. A Preschool Mom

She doesn’t even have kids in school yet, but heaven knows she could use a time of refreshment and hope. This would be the perfect opportunity to help her catch the vision of powerfully interceding for her children. Help her line up a sitter and promise her adult conversation and she’s likely to say, “Yes!”

  1. Your Mom

She’s the woman who loves your kids almost as much as you do. Mom will have an opportunity to grab resources to help her pray more strategically for your kids and learn about our praying grandmas groups. She’ll hear testimonies about what God is doing in the next generation through prayer warriors just like her.

  1. Your Child’s Teacher

Teachers are on the front line of the battle for our children and they need strength and refreshment too! It will be so encouraging for them to hear that we understand the pressures they are under and we hold them before the Lord in prayer.

  1. Your Best Friend

Unshaken events are the perfect time to draw closer to your buddies and enjoy a rich time of learning and growth, and who better to stand side by side with than your closest friends. This could be a game changer for your friendship, a chance to stir conversations about the joys, struggles and fears they face and to bathe them in prayer.

  1. A Woman Who is Afraid

She trembles during the news and feels sick as she sends her kids out the door. You see the pain in her eyes and hear the fear in her voice. She may even be you. Fear doesn’t have to hold her captive any longer. At Unshaken she will encounter the God who is ready to bring peace to her heart and the power and confidence she needs for the times in which we live.

See the list of Unshaken events and choose one near you. Then ask the Lord who you should invite to come with you.  It might make all the difference in their lives and in the lives of the children they influence.

Lee Neinhuis has been married to her college sweetheart, Mike, for 16 years and is mom to four kids. She speaks at Moms in Prayer events and workshops and serves as an Area Coordinator in West Michigan. It is Lee’s firm belief that fear in mothers can sabotage the brave life God is calling their children to live. At Unshaken Illinois Lee will share a prayer strategy that will dismantle the enemy’s plan for your family and give you tools to walk in victory.

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