Frequently Asked Questions – Online Bible Study

What is an online Bible study?

It is a simple, easy-to-use Bible study that you can do invididually or with a group. You’ll watch a short video, download study questions and complete each lesson at your own pace.

How long will it take each week?

The weekly videos are about 10 minutes. The study questions can be completed in approximately 20-30 minutes per week. The duration of this study is 4 weeks long.

Do I need special equipment?

Not at all. The video link and questions will be emailed to you each week. You will also be able to access the video from our website and download the questions in a .pdf format. You can watch from your phone, tablet or computer — wherever it’s convenient for you.

I registered but the video and questions did not arrive in my inbox.

It may be getting caught in your junk or spam folder. Add to your list of contacts to ensure it arrives in your inbox.

Why is the video choppy or why does it keep stopping?

The quality of the live stream is dependent on your internet connection. Try turning off all other devices that are using internet bandwidth – phones, other computers, etc. Most people find that improves the quality of the live broadcast.

What if I miss a weekly video?

Videos will be posted on our website for easy access once the study date has passed.

Can I do this with a small group?


Can I download the videos?

These online Bible study videos cannot be downloaded.