Finding Support

Are you looking for a place to share life with other moms who will understand your concerns? Do you have the desire to pray for your children, their schools, and the other children in your community? Then you’ll want to become a part of the Moms in Prayer story – a story that is changing the world for Christ!

Moms in Prayer International is on a mission to cover the world in prayer. We can’t do that without our local prayer groups – moms supporting each other and praying for their children and communities.

Starting a new Moms in Prayer group is simple. All you need to get started is a Booklet and one other mom who shares your desire to pray together for your children. We can help with the rest.

Let’s register your group with Moms in Prayer. This makes it easy for other moms in your area to find and connect with your group. The more of us that pray together, the greater impact we can have in the lives of our children.

Tell others about Moms in Prayer and how it has affected your life and the lives of your kids and their schools. Invite them to your group or encourage them to start one. We have some great Outreach Tools to help you.