Preschool Praying Moms


Pam (right) and her mom

“My mom has prayed in Moms in Prayer groups for a long time and I’m excited to get the chance to pray for MY kids now! A few weeks ago I started praying through the Four Steps of Prayer with a friend of mine for our preschool-age children. I appreciate that your preschool prayer sheet addressed things like infants and praying for future schools kids might attend. Since our kids are not actually in school yet, we’ve questioned if meeting for Moms in Prayer is right for this time, but we feel a big need to be praying now about which schools they’ll be attending, that God will help us make the right decisions, and for help while parenting little kids and babies. I can’t believe how hard parenting is! I’m grateful for Moms in Prayer because I KNOW how my mom’s prayers have influenced me, and it moves me to want to pray for my own children.

Pam Greenleaf, Preschool Praying Mom
Praying for your Tiny Ones Resource Sheet

Click on the link above to view a great resource for praying for your preschool-age children as well as toddlers and infants!

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