Building Strong Groups


  • One mom telling another mom. It is casting the vision one to one, over and over and over.
  • When groups are strong, the vision will be cast.
  • Your members are your greatest “outreachers.”
  • When God is working in lives and answering prayers, moms love to share.


  1. The leader knows and follows the Moms in Prayer format. She prays using the Four Steps of Prayer and one accord praying throughout the hour. She is prepared. (Partially filled member sheets are here). A well-trained leader is confident and excited about the privilege of discipling her women in focused, agreement prayer. Group members will then invite others to join in and will share the vision with family and friends who have children at other schools, challenging them to join or start Moms in Prayer groups. Multiplication will happen.
  1. The leader is enthusiastic. She does not see this hour as a burden, but as life-changing, in her own life and for the women in her group. She knows that God works through prayer and that power is released in corporate prayer. In Matthew 18:19 and 28:20, Jesus gives prayer principles that indicate two or more are definitely stronger! This is the best decision you could make about how to spend an hour of your life each week.
  1. The leader is committed. She is willing to lead her group on days when she feels like it and on days she doesn’t. She knows God will bless her obedience. She is committed to be ready with her prayer sheet, and committed to pray for the women in her group.
  1. The leader leads out of a cleansed heart. She is not perfect, but forgiven.
  1. The leader has a regular quiet time. She is intentional about setting aside time to spend with Jesus, keeping Him as her first love. She is modeling Jesus to her women and allows Him to lead the group through her.
  1. The leader establishes a sense of community. Women want to belong. They want a place where they feel safe, loved and accepted with no condemnation.
  1. The leader leads with integrity.
  • She always starts and ends on time.
  • She leads by praying the requests and thanksgivings, rather than sharing them first.
  • She encourages her members to come early or stay afterward if they desire more fellowship time.
  • She is committed to be there every week.
  • She always stresses confidentiality.
  1. The leader finds a new leader when she moves on. She knows that continuing the prayer covering for her school when she moves to the next level is vital. She asks other group members to lead from time to time so others grow comfortable in the role. She is proactive in praying for God’s timing and choice for a new leader.
  1. The leader keeps the worldwide vision of Moms in Prayer before her women. She is keenly aware that her group is part of something bigger- thousands and thousands of moms praying in groups around the world. She regularly visits the Moms in Prayer website and keeps in touch with all that God is doing through Moms in Prayer worldwide so that she can encourage her group. Women want to be part of a God-blessed discipleship multiplication ministry that is making an eternal investment in the lives of children and schools- in this country and countries around the globe.
  1. The leader attends area leadership gatherings. She knows she will be empowered, encouraged, equipped and receive important updates and information.


  1. Women experience answers to prayer.
  2. Women grow in their faith and their relationship with Christ.
  3. Women sense that King Jesus was right in the midst of their group as they agreed with one another and with Him according to His will and His Word.
  4. Women will be committed. Who would want to miss this powerful, effective prayer hour? They will see the value in spending time praying rather than talking.
  5. Women in your group will reach out and invite others.


  1. Live in an attitude of expectancy of great harvest: salvation/revival at your school; every school covered in prayer.
  1. Pray for abundance – double blessing. “…even now (today) I announce that I will restore twice as much (double) to you.” Zechariah 9:12. Pray for double the number of schools being prayed for, double the number of members in your group, double the leadership (area and state coordinators), double the opportunities to speak about Moms in Prayer at MOPS, churches, Bible studies, to neighbors, etc.
  1. Don’t give up. Pray that you will be bound (compelled, driven) by the Holy Spirit (from Acts 20:22) out of a deep sense of love toward the Master who called you to serve in this ministry. There’s a harvest of souls to be reaped.
  1. Don’t Doubt!! Believe God is Working – “For we walk by faith not by sight.” II Corinthians 5:7
  1. Our prayer for you is this, “Oh, LORD Most High, crown the year with a bountiful harvest in ______________; may even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.” From Psalm 65:11

Your field might not look like much to the untrained eye… But hidden under the snows of winter there’s potential. Great things can happen. Barren ground can become a fertile field. Today’s frozen ground holds tomorrow’s harvest! Putting energy into frozen, empty soil is not a waste of time. Just because there’s no evidence of life right now, doesn’t mean there never could be. It doesn’t mean there won’t be…There’s potential in the unseen! But before the harvest there is work to be done. There are seeds to be planted, fertilizer to be applied, weeds to be wiped out and prayer to be prayed. It takes time and a whole lot of hard work.

Come harvest time, it’s all worth it!

-Adapted from an article by Brian Wechsler