He’s Already There

can you believe I’m a high school senior!”
I got into Auburn University!”
I’m afraid!”
are you going to miss me when I’m gone?”
verbal snapshots represent a year of emotions that rumble through my heart and
mind as we prepare for our daughter’s high school graduation. 
started my first Moms in Prayer group in 1993 when my oldest daughter was
entering third grade. Our now high school senior, Christianna, wasn’t even a
twinkle in my eye. She was joyfully welcomed into our family in 1996 and by then
I was fully committed to praying for my children in Moms in Prayer. What a joy
and a privilege it has been to pray for Christianna these last 17 years.

my prayers were not without heartache. Christianna struggled with friendships
in elementary school. Sadly, children are often unable to
accept or understand those who follow the beat of their own drummer. That was
my sweet Christianna. She was confused and hurt by the way others treated her.
While volunteering at school, my heart broke as I watched her walk up to a
group of girls, hoping to join in, and blatantly be rejected. The mama bear in me wanted
to give them a piece of my mind, but Moms in Prayer taught me to PRAY. The
battle was the Lord’s and I knew God was working in the midst of the suffering.
Through consistent, heart-wrenching prayer, with
my Moms in Prayer friends praying with me and for me, God sustained and comforted
Christianna (and me) through those emotionally difficult years.
moved to another state when Christiana was in 5th grade and although she was
fine with the move, the friendship struggles continued. My top priority was to
start a Moms in Prayer group for her school (by now our youngest daughter
joined our family) and a college group for our two college children. God
brought moms to pray with me in both groups. 
My new Moms in Prayer moms prayed and God worked…slowly, surely and faithfully.
her struggles, Christianna has learned to be a good friend to others, to have
compassion on the underdog and to choose her friends wisely.
Christianna is a beautiful, outgoing, soon to be college freshman. My prayers will
go with her as I continue praying for her in my college/career group.
she afraid? Sometimes, yes.
she excited to be an Auburn Tiger? YES! 
I going to miss her? Absolutely YES! 
I afraid? NO! 
in Prayer has taught me to pray about everything. And through years of praising
Him, for who He is, I KNOW my GOD.  I
know that my prayers matter to Him and He invites me to join Him in His Sovereign
work, through prayer.
do not know Christianna’s future, but I know THE ONE who does. And He is
already there. Jehovah Shammah (The LORD is There).
thank God for the ministry of Moms in Prayer. Twenty-plus years of praying has
changed my life and shaped the lives of my children, up to this day. And as I
continue to pray, I know the Lord will faithfully be there with them because He
is Jehovah Shammah.
am not afraid because He’s already there.

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Cindy Foster is the
Moms in Prayer South Carolina State Coordinator. She is the mama of four lively
children and grandmother (aka CiCi) of two adorable granddaughters. And because
she is, she PRAYS.

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