How Moms in Prayer Helped a New Mom Find Her Place

By Kimberly Amici
a young mom of three kids under the age of five and relatively new to my area, I was
eager to meet other women. This was relatively easy to do once my oldest child
started school. However, I was desperate to be in a Christian community. I wanted
to meet Christian women; women who prayed, women I could pray with, but I
wasn’t sure how to find them.
Thankfully, a friend from
church told me about Moms in Prayer.
invited me to the “Meet and Greet” that kicked off the new school year. I had
just dropped off my four-year-old daughter at Pre-K. With my two year old and
newborn in tow, I was nervous as I walked into a room full of women I didn’t
gathered our refreshments, then shared with one another the names, ages, and
schools of our children. There was a diverse group of ladies there, some with
college students, teenagers, and others with little ones like me. I listened as
the “veteran moms” spoke of their experience with Moms in Prayer. I was touched by their tears
as they shared how much Moms in Prayer has meant to them over the years.
I knew I was in the right
am blessed to live in a town where each of the schools in our district has a
group of moms dedicated to pray for their children.
A prayer remnant is a group of people who will come together and
pray regularly for something in particular.
Moms in Prayer International is a remnant in my
neighborhood. It is comprised of a faithful group of women, set apart to answer
God’s call to pray for their children and community.
a part of Moms in Prayer means that each week I join with other moms and
together we pray for our children and their schools.
only do we pray for our children, but we also pray for the teachers and staff
of the schools they attend. We pray about field trips, fundraisers, and
administrative decisions. Prayer requests range from courage for our children
to make new friends on the playground to wise decisions to be made by the Board
of Education.
been six years now since God answered my prayer for women I could pray with.
Six years since I first entered that home, a nervous newbie when it came to
Moms in Prayer. Many prayers have been answered since. I’m thankful to be part
of a remnant who prays faithfully for our children and schools.
Moms in Prayer makes it easy
to connect with other moms that desire to gather in prayer.

Find a group near you!

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