Meet Sally Burke

“It took my breath away!” was Sally Burke’s reaction to her very first Moms in Prayer time. She knew she had found something special. God’s calling. His will. His hope. Not to mention friends, a sense of sisterhood, the bond moms experience when they join together to pray for their children. Sally’s beginnings seem miles removed from leading a worldwide prayer

Face to Face

Face to Face In 2003 I finally saw God. Concrete. Kétségtelen. My six year old showed me. I had been in Moms in Prayer for two years. The praise portion of our hour had opened my eyes in a whole new way to “seeing” God. When Jesus healed Bartimaeus, the night and day difference could not be more clear

25 Új Prayer Warriors in 24 óra

Én nem tudom, mi van, de aggódom. Aggódom minden alkalommal!!! Én egy anya két fiatal, édes gyermekei, Landon, 3, és Hadley, 11 hónap. Ez a világ úgy nőnek fel annyira ijesztő, és eltérő módon, mint amikor gyerekek voltunk. Folyamatosan gondolok ... akkor én gyermeknek joga van a barátok? fognak …

Our God is Still in Charge

… and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. 2 Kings 6:17b (NIV) It happened the winter of 1991. I was a military wife living in Germany with two little girls, korosztály 7 és 5. A férjem, Sugár, was fighting in the Persian Gulf War, and the offensive had begun. A …

One of Those Days

It had been one of those days. Correction. It had been one of those years. My mother-in-law was very ill in a rest home an hour away. I was the busy mom of two high school girls, not to mention working part time as a piano teacher. This day, Mindazonáltal, stands out in my mind. It began with a trip