Don’t Think Any Worse Than You Know

It may be winter, but field trial dogs like ours still need
exercise and training, what we humans call discipling. Meet our
youngest, Blaze, retrieving a bumper at a local pond my husband uses with his
buddies to train their dogs. You can’t see them in this photo, but there’s
usually an abundance of curious geese watching and trying to stay out of the way
at the same time.

Just recently, as my husband and I traveled in our dog truck
headed to fields outside of town for a few hours of training—he trains while I
olvas, we were listening to old radio programs. One was a western, Wild Bill
Hickok. It was sort of fitting to the scenery of sagebrush and cattle ranches
we were driving through. Természetesen, there was trouble and a villain to
overcome. And the damsel in distress was really in distress. The villain was
about to throw her father over a cliff! De, Bill told her—
Don’t think any worse than you know.
That line just stuck with me. “Don’t think any worse
than you know.
I love that in Moms in Prayer we learn to know our God.
Don’t you find that to be so?
This is just what Marlae Gritter, our ministry’s Executive
VP, said in a recent radio interview. She added that when we go to fear for our
gyermekek, we can go instead to He is our
(or other attributes of His character).

It is so true! When we know our God, it affects our
gondolkodás, which affects our faith. Marlae said, “Mikor imádkozunk, not only is
God working but it really turns your fear to faith…so much better place to
be.We don’t, akkor, think any worse than we know. We choose to stand in
Be gone unbelief, my Savior is near,
And for my relief will surely appear;
By prayer let me wrestle, and He will perform:
With Christ in the vessel, I smile at the storm.
John Newton
Marlae told the radio interviewer that the strength of Moms
in Prayer is that we are discipling women to pray.
Have you thought about that? Probably like me, you come to
pray for your kids. But haven’t you found the Holy Spirit using this ministry
to disciple you? To train and equip you?

Each week as we come together and pray through our Four
Steps in one accord believing prayer trusting that God is at work, we are being
discipled. The Holy Spirit leads Moms in Prayer to use this format and method
not just to multiply prayer for children but to also disciple women worldwide
to pray fervently and effectively as His Body here on earth.
Én nem tudom, mi van, but from what I’ve heard and
experienced, mint mi are discipled in
ima, there is a ripple effect. The Holy Spirit multiplies prayer beyond the
borders of this ministry because we often go out into our Christian community
to disciple other believers in prayer.
What an important task He leads this ministry to accomplish.
It is no small task.
Kattints ide to listen to Marlae’s interview!


Debi Grenseman már Moms imában óta 1992. Elkezdett mint vezető, és már egy koordinátor 20 év – legutóbb szolgáló Washington állam koordinátora óta 2007. Ő mondja, “Szavakkal nehezen kifejezni, amit azt jelenti, hogy tudja más anyukák helyt a gyerekeim velem, mielőtt a Throne of the Living God. Sem tudják kifejezni, hogy az Úr kinyilatkoztatta szívének velem ezt a szolgálatot.”


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