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A félelem menekül, amikor a hit aktiválva. Nem számít, milyen ijesztő a körülmények úgy tűnik, nem kell félni, hogy megadja magát. Lehet gyakorolni robbanásveszélyes hitet.

“Az Úr azt mondta Joshua, „Én adtam nektek Jericho, a király, and all its strong warriors.'” Joshua 6: 2 (NLT)

Ahogy Isten beszélt ezeket a szavakat, the Israelites were standing outside the fortified city of Jericho. It was surrounded by two parallel walls about fifteen feet apart. Jericho was no illusion. There it stood— fortressed, barricaded, impenetrable. To the Israelites’ physical sight, taking Jericho was difficult, if not hopeless. Cities such as Jericho had convinced ten of the twelve spies sent to scout out the land forty years earlier that Israel could not conquer it (see Numbers 13: 27-28). Fear activated by the sight of such an intimidating obstacle had already stolen forty years as well as an entire generation of people. Most, everything their eyes could see told them that this was still a lost cause.

But when God spoke to Joshua and called him to battle, ő mondta, I have given you Jericho (emphasis added). The verb tense indicated that it was already a done deal. Finished work. Just waiting for the people’s obedience to bring that completed promise into their experience.

The writer of Hebrews tells the story in a few well-chosen words: It was by faith that the people of Israel marched around Jericho for seven days, and the walls came crashing down (Zsid 11: 30). When the people obeyed the Lord’s command and marched around Jericho for seven days, the walls fell.

When the promise of God comes into contact with our faith-fueled obedience, an explosion of power results. Walls fall. Obstacles disappear. Enemies flee.

You may be looking at a Jericho today. Maybe something in your life looks too big for you. Your enemy might be pointing out all the reasons why your obstacle will win the day.

Ha igen, Emlékezz erre: when God calls you to battle, He has already won the victory. The only way your Jericho will stand is if you believe your limited perceptions instead of God’s Word and slink away, missing the opportunity to see God’s power in action.


What obstacles in your life look too big for you right now?

How does your perception change if you redefine your circumstances by what your heart knows instead of what your eyes see?

(Átvett Az egy év imádkozó Isten ígéretei a Cheri Fuller és Jennifer Kennedy Dean).

Jennifer Kennedy Dean az ügyvezető igazgató imádkozó élet Alapítvány. She will be speaking at the Moms in Prayer Unshaken Southeast conference Szombat, Március 4, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. She will equip you to stand firm when your world seems to be spinning out of control. Jennifer egy szerző, és beszél a világ minden tájáról hív Isten népét, hogy felfedezze a különbség az „ima az élet” és a „imádkozó életet.” Ő volt özvegy az 2005 és van 3 felnőtt fiai.


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  1. My daughter is living at home with her two young children because she has what doctors have diagnosed as migraine disease. She is just 32 years old and the children are 9 és 4. Today’s reading was encouraging to me as I see her walls of Jericho are her pain caused by migraines. It is also my Jericho as her mother and grandmother, I will pray for God to continue to strengthen us and we will by the Grace of God be obedient. Thank you for sharing and inspiring women to fall on their knees in prayer!



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