Face to Face

Face to Face

-ban 2003 I finally fűrész
Isten. Concrete. Kétségtelen. My six year old showed me.
I had been in Moms in Prayer for two years. The praise
portion of our hour had opened my eyes in a whole new way to “seeing” God. Mikor
Jesus healed Bartimaeus, the night and day difference could not be more clear
than my changed spiritual vision after learning to pray God’s attributes through
dicséret. But I’m a visual person. The more I “saw” God each week, the more I
wanted to literally lát him. Face to
face. Just as a man speaks to his friend—like Moses! My little Marissa made the
final introduction.

We lived in Minnesota; my girls’ room faced the street.
Every night I’d scold them to close their curtains for privacy. Every morning
I’d nag them to open the curtains for light and warmth. This went on for
hónap. At one point I realized this one was on me. They were too young to care
about curtains opened or closed. It was just one more chore. I stopped nagging.
Ehelyett, each night when I went to bed I’d sneak across the girls’ room, push
the forever-out chair into place under their desk, open the drapes, és
re-cover Marissa, who inevitably kicked her blanket to the floor.

Over time I realized that the girls may like their room just
the way it was and who cared if a chair was out and the curtains were open—and
maybe Marissa was too warm at night! mondtam, “Girls, I am sorry I change things
in your room after you go to bed. I’ll keep your room the way you leave it.” To
my surprise, Marissa looked hurt. “But those are signs of Mom…” Marissa often
confused words and phrases so I had to have clarification. “Signs of Mom?” I
kérdezte. "Igen,” she expanded, “If I wake up in the middle of the night, I see the
chair pushed in. the curtains are opened and my blanket is on. These are signs
that you have been here and you are close by.”

Weeks later I was praying in my Moms a Prayer-csoport.
Sometimes it’s difficult to thank God together, not just shoot up little arrow
thanks. Suddenly the words, Signs of Mom,
came back. Hű. Praise was my mind focused on God. Thanksgiving was my eyes focused on God! Maybe not His
face—but I fűrész signs of God
mindenhol! Thank you God for healing that child. I see what You did. Köszönöm
Isten, for turning that bully into a sweet boy; my son’s new friend. I see You
ott. Köszönöm, Isten, for compelling my husband to take the day to have fun
velünk. I see that You opened a curtain in his schedule, pushing work where it
belonged and covering us with joy.

Signs of God. I see He’s everywhere; the reflection of his
face in a friend, his back as he takes care of something before quietly moving
tovább, his footprints before and after my children. A thankful heart is the only
heart that sees Isten. Köszönöm,
Apa. Thank you for a te signs.

Marta Gemelli a regionális igazgatója a Nagy Tavak vidékén, ami magában foglaljaIllinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohioés Wisconsin. Él Plainfield, Illinois, és már házas Mike óta 1992. Három gyermekük a középiskolában és az egyetemen. Marta szeret ülni a swing, imádkozik, séta, olvas, a munka az ő kertjében ... és időt tölteni vele ostoba testvérek.

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  1. Hű. This really clarified the difference between praise and thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing your visual story for those of us who learn best with our eyes! Signed, a goofy sister who prays. 🙂


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