In all their distress He too was distressed,
and the angel of his presence saved them.
In His love and mercy he redeemed them;

he lifted them up and carried them
all the days of old.
Isaiah 63:9 (NIV)

I remember a string of Mondays that weren’t very
happy for me. My husband Ray and I had moved twice in one year because of his
military career. I had a ten-month-old baby girl, and I was pregnant, living in
a rented house and preparing for a third move in a few months. Saying goodbye
to dear friends from both moves had left me with no real desire to get to know
people—I would just be leaving them yet again.

God brought good in my life out of this season of
depresszió. I’m a happy person by nature, and I had no idea what it was like
to feel that heaviness pressing down. One load of laundry seemed
insurmountable. If I managed to actually do it, I was exhausted and sat staring
into space afterwards. I had no motivation, és, furthermore, I didn’t care
that I had no motivation. My husband was so worried about me, but I didn’t care
about that either. I think that was the hardest part—the numbness.

An incident at church finally woke me up to the
fact that I was in a deep depression. A mom with a special needs child tried to
talk with me after church. Nyilvánvaló, her burden was heavy, and she needed
bátorítás. És én, who loved encouraging, had nothing to give her. És én
didn’t care. This shook me. What kind of person had I become? A hurting
person’s burden couldn’t reach me? How could it be that I felt nothing for this
precious mother in need? Végül, Én
sought the Lord and asked a few friends to pray for me. Inch by inch, Ő
brought me back to a world of feeling and emotion once again.

Because of this experience, when I read God’s
words in Isaiah 63:9, I am moved. "In all their distress, He too was
Amazing! The God of the Universe, who has billions of people
to concern Himself with, still enters into my distress? God doesn’t stay
distant and polite, dispensing help with a jaded eye. He is distressed when His
people are distressed. Paul talks about “sharing in the fellowship of His
suffering” in Philippians 3:10, as if somehow we can suffer together. Jézus
wept, the Bible tells us, at the death of His friend, Lazarus, even though He
was about to raise him from the dead. Miért? Because our God is willing to feel velünk! This stuns me. Humbles me.

And I remember countless Moms in Prayer groupmeetings when women have wept with me. When my burdens became theirs, and they entered
into my distress and cried out with me to the God of Heaven. This is the
supreme gift of sisterhood in my group. How blessed I am to have women willing
to hurt with me! És én, with them. What a gift
our groups are!

Oh, Apa, help me to be willing to feel the
pain of others, to allow my heart to hurt when someone is hurting, and to cry
out with them in a fellowship of suffering. Keep me from cold-heartedness and
distance. Enable me to feel, as You do, the distress of another, and then lay
it all at Your feet in trust. Köszönöm, Lord, for being a God who enters into
suffering with Your people. It’s incomprehensible. It’s a gift and a sacrifice that
moves me, Lord, that You would do this—for us. Use me in the lives of others,
Lord, for Your Kingdom’s sake. Jézus nevében, Ámen.
Ön szereti,
Sharon Gamble, Moms a Prayer USA nemzeti igazgatója, lakik Dover, New Hampshire, és már feleségül középiskolai szerelmét, Sugár, mivel 1979. Ő két csodálatos lánya, két nagy fia-in-law, és három értékes unokái. Imádja kerékpáros Ray, séta mindenféle időjárásiés curling fel egy jó könyvet a lány kandalló.  

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  1. Köszönöm, Moms a Prayer, for your world-wide ministry to Moms like me and like this one….we need each other so much!! and we need to come together before the Lord to find help in times of need….which is every day/week!


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