My Little, in His Hands, Is Enough

We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish,"
felelének. “Bring them here to me," ő mondta.

Matthew 14:17-18 (NIV)

I look at my watch. How did it get to be 9:00 p.m.
already? Quickly, I dial his phone number. It’s our nightly ritual. My 91-year-old
father-in-law picks up with a “hello” and we spend a few minutes talking about
our day. He worked on his puzzle and had a visitor. I went to church and out to
lunch. He lives alone, and some days there are no visitors. Our ten-minute
phone call means he can share his day with someone who cares. No matter what we
say in the middle, the end of our call is always the same. Night after night.
Year after year since my mother-in-law died in 2002. “Sleep well, Apu,” I say.
“You sleep well, is,” he echoes. “I love you.” “And I love you.” “Good night.”
And then … what I love to hear each night: “Good night, dear.” That’s all. Csak
a simple phone call. Not even long. Short. I used to think to do something
jól, it had to be involved and long. Full and packed. Because I could so
seldom live up to my own expectations for myself, things like phone calls
didn’t happen. If I didn’t have an hour to invest, I figured I better not bother.

But ten minutes, night after night, adds up to a
lot. Full. Packed. Rich. The simple rhythm Dad and I have built will echo
through my mind all my life, long after he has passed away and can no longer
say, “Good night, dear.” It’s one of my treasures and it speaks of a lesson
well-learned. When there are 5000+ people to feed, and all I have is five
loaves and two little fish … if I bring them to Jesus … that will be enough.
  •   I can’t pray for every missionary on our church’s
    long list as I would like to do, but I can choose one as “mine” and focus on
    her—and I do. And we have become fast friends.
  •  I can’t make a whole meal for a friend who just had
    a baby. With my current schedule, I can bring over warm muffins and hold her
    baby for ten minutes. And that, quite frankly, may just be long enough for a
    sleep-deprived, bleary-eyed new mom.
  •  I can’t always spend an hour in prayer and with the
    Word on days I oversleep, but I can stop and spend 10 minutes—and even that
    makes a difference in my heart … and my day, as I turn it over to Him.
  •  I can’t spend all day every day on my knees for my
    beloved children, but I can come to my Moms a Prayer group one hour once a
    week and invest wholeheartedly in one accord prayer for them with others.

If we bring what we have to Jesus, there will be
baskets of blessings left over after He has filled us full. The little we have
will be enough in His strong hands.
Ön szereti,

Sharon Gamble, Moms a Prayer USA nemzeti igazgatója, lakik Dover, New Hampshire, és már feleségül középiskolai szerelmét, Sugár, mivel 1979. Ő két csodálatos lánya, két nagy fia-in-law, és három értékes unokái. Imádja kerékpáros Ray, séta mindenféle időjárásiés curling fel egy jó könyvet a lány kandalló.  

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