Szeptember 2019

Vasárnap Hétfő Kedd Szerda Csütörtök Péntek Szombat
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Isten, remind us
to ask You daily
to cover every
school worldwide
imában, and…
Labor Day USA
Bring home safely
an ILD in Kenya
and Tanzania after
she encourages
groups and shares
ministry resources
May FB Live Raise Them Up book club with Sally today, the 19th & 24th bless the viewers and be a fun, encouraging time During this roster update season, cause every leader to update their information so women can be connected accurately LORD, direct and
help HQ staff with
daily tasks plus
today as special projects are being accomplished
Bless RD in Norway connecting with key and potential leaders, encouraging moms who are interested in starting groups Go before the ILD
and team in eSwatini to connect with MIP group leaders, akkor
in South Africa at a Women’s Conference
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Wonderful Counselor, awaken students to clearly see the difference between
right and wrong, and to choose what is right
Envelop Sally traveling and Wed. meeting with leadership in MA; add excitement for holding a local AH and raise up many volunteers örökkévaló Atya, urge new to Moms in Prayer women to sign up for Ébredj Hope
and bring friends
with them in October
Szentlélek, pour out and ignite hearts at the 10th Anniversary United Worship and Prayer Event in Sydney, Ausztrália Jehova, cover
and protect all who attend a Regional Leaders meeting in Venezuela on
Sunday the 15th
Prepare hearts and
fill the state impact gatherings this weekend in Florida, Maine, Oregon and West Virginia
Begin a partnering relationship as
Mid-Atlantic DC speaks at the Baltimore Area
CEF Kick-off today
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Bless Our Schools Sun
Show favor to the churches, diákok, teachers and administrators as prayers are lifted up to You today
Refresh an ILD as
she leads and serves leadership in her African countries and show her how to pray for quiet countries
Lord, establish the work of our new State Coordinators in Illinois, North Dakota, Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina Apa, meet each need for Ébredj Hope résztvevők; visas granted, travel and rooms all confirmed on time Expand the MIP
prison ministry and empower the growing volunteer presence
across the various continents
Mindenható Isten,
unite and equip
leadership at
Impact Tennessee
meeting today
and tomorrow
Szentlélek, draw women to Moms in Prayer through an outreach table at an event in Niles, Michigan today
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Szentlélek, enable
each Awaken Hope speaker to speak God's words and
unify Moms in Prayer
in greater ways
For Your glory, LORD, raise up and unify many more Christian teachers and administrators who live and share their faith Giver of every good and perfect gift, open the windows
of heaven and abundantly provide finances for MIP
Találkozunk a sarkon
béke Hercege, gather students and faculty around flag poles with bold prayers that have an
eternal impact
korlátlan Isten, multiply groups and leadership
positions filled in
every state and country after events and media exposure
Energize and inspire everyone at Hawaii Overflowing Hope Impact 27-29th to be committed to prayer and to spread MIP Szentlélek, pour out Your power as MIP women pray for and teach the many inquiring moms that You faithfully send
29 30          
Isten, break through in countries worldwide with little or no activity, and open doors to share MIP in more churches and para-churches Szentlélek, szabadítsa
a renewed passion
to pray as women
meet in groups
faithfully throughout
ebben a tanévben
  Ébredj Hope
Outreach és 35. évfordulója
Október 11-12, 2019
Carlsbad, CA
But blessed are those who trust in the LORD and have made the LORD their hope and confidence.
Jeremiás 17:7 (NLT)

AH: Awaken Hope CEF: Child Evangelism Fellowship DC: Division Coordinator FB: Facebook HQ: MIP headquarters
FLAMES: International Leadership Developer MA: Massachusetts MIP: Moms in Prayer RD: Regionális igazgató


Október 2019


Vasárnap Hétfő Kedd Szerda Csütörtök Péntek Szombat
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Ébredjetek Hope október 11-12
May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace…
[Imádkozzatok minden nap] Apa, in Jesus’ name cover every school around the world in prayer and … hatalmas Isten, bless
a leader and friend
as they travel to Cuba to help train ladies and reinforce using
A négy lépés
Apa, make every detail of all that occurs with Ébredj Hope be filtered by You and Your perfect will be done each day Take Your Bible to School
Jézus, embolden students of all ages to take a Bible to school, to share Your Word and lead others to You
Impassion women from Europe and Israel to share the mission and vision back home after they attend Ébredj Hope Great Shepherd, inspire more new, young moms to catch the vision to join or start a Moms in Prayer group
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Grant safe travel,
jó egészség, and prepared hearts for International Leadership and open ears to hear You, Szentlélek
LORD, anoint each speaker this week and weekend; refresh and recharge all during the DC Conference 7th–10th Good Shepherd, supply a state coordinator for Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Oregon, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Wisconsin Infuse excitement into every person attending the SC Conference 9th-10th and the Global Leadership Event 10th-11th Szentlélek, rain down on the International Leadership conference starting with dinner which includes MIPI Board and HQ staff Atyaisten, have Your way with leadership this morning,
Ébredj Hope this afternoon and evening as well as tomorrow
Send forth each Ébredj Hope attendee to impact their world and direct the evening MIPI Board meeting
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Bless, equip and unify Directors, Regional Coordinators and Country Coordinators gathering for training today and tomorrow Open hearts and nudge a Finance and Roster Manager to join the state team where needed, fill each open position on all teams Szentlélek, ignite
every group to pray deeper for protection and spiritual awakening for every school campus in the world
minden erős, ever present God, be like a wall of fire around children and schools and the glory within day by day LORD, move MIP
women worldwide
to collaborate with ministry partners on a local level to introduce more women to MIP
Apa, implant high moral standards and
biblical values in
every preschool up through all colleges and universities
Help elementary moms groups have dependable
childcare for their
when they pray
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Remind all MIP
women and groups
to be outreaching
and welcoming to
new women joining
their groups
Apa, use monthly prayer calls to strengthen and
bring overflowing
hope to leaders and potential leaders
Set ablaze hearts of
the over 120 attendees to a MIP conference in Mongolia and bring commitment from 30 or more to lead groups
Lord, uphold Grace and her team as they prepare for an Ébredj Hope
Event in India on
November 2, 2019
Flourish this ministry
cuccaitokról, LORD, through more monthly donors, abundantly bless all the generous cheerful givers
All Wise God, felfed
to HQ the reporting software that You know is best to
measure MIPI marketing effort
In Jesus’ name, thwart all plans that may harm any Moms in Prayer equipment, e-mail, weboldal, data or databases
27 28 29 30 31    
Szentlélek, lead and guide every Moms in Prayer decision according to Your perfect will; protect Your ministry Mester Planner, orchestrate many gatherings to promote Moms in Prayer throughout this school year around the globe Isten, energize Country Coordinators as they faithfully pray for, train and encourage leaders in their countries and regions Apa, watch over
the children, give them godly parents, keep evil doers far from them and set the captives free
Establish ACs and Country Helpers to come along side leadership in Asia and hand pick translators for new translations „Az Úr az én örökségem,"
says my soul, “therefore
I have hope in Him.”

From Lamentations 3:24 (NASB)

AC: Area Coordinator DC: District Coordinator HQ: MIPI Headquarters MIPI: Moms in Prayer International SC: Állami koordinátora