Running Away

“Even now,” declares the LORD,
“return to me with all your heart.”
Joel 2:12egy (NIV)

When I was five years old, I ran away from home.
Igen, én csináltam. My mom and I were reminiscing about it just this weekend, and would
you believe, neither one of us can remember what prompted such a radical
decision. Én do remember how mérges I was at the time. When I
announced to my mom that I planned to run away, she nodded and said, “Okay. Do
you need help packing your bags?” Well, this was not quite the reaction I was
vár. Meg! I packed my own little bag, thank you very much, and marched out
of the house into the world on my own. I told her I would be perfectly fine—I
had a quarter to take care of my expenses.

I decided I wouldn’t go far, but I did need to
let my mom realize just how aggrieved I was. Így, I sat under a bush in the back
yard out of her line of sight. Boring!
The longer I sat the worse it got, feeling grass tickling my legs, an
occasional ant and the bush branches poking at me. Suddenly being out on my own
didn’t seem nearly as grand and adventuresome as I had thought it would be.
Végül is, természetesen, I came back in the house and all was well again. Being a
part of my family and enjoying my own beautiful bedroom and toys again was far
better than my self-imposed isolation underneath a prickly bush! How silly I

Oh, how silly I can still be. I have everything I
need as a child of God. He fills me with His Spirit and directs me in the way I
should go. When I spend time with Him, I drink in “living water” from His Word.
When I stay in fellowship with others who love Him, I am part of a wonderful
család. Még, sometimes my feelings are hurt by a member of that family, or I
neglect my quiet time, and end up “under a prickly bush,” isolated and alone.
Like my mother, God allows me to go away if I
válaszd ki. Még, He always calls me back: "Even now,” declares the LORD, “return
to me with all your heart.
” What foolishness to walk away from the riches
Christ offers when we are living “at home” with Him. How ridiculous to think we
are better off on our own instead of with Christian family. Nothing we can do
on our own—no momentary thrill or substitute pleasure—can ever come even close
to the comfort of being with the One who made us and loves us. Let’s meet
together often, in prayer and in fellowship, and remind each other that there
is “no place like home.”

Oh, Mennyei Atyánk, keep me close to You! Help me to draw near to You through Your word and prayer and through fellowship with
those who love You as I do! Forgive me

when I “run away” because I don’t like
Your good commands and think I can manage my life better on my own. I can’t.
Help me to value being close to You—“home” with You in the place You have
chosen for me—each day. In Jesus’ name, Ámen.

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Ön szereti,

Sharon Gamble, Moms a Prayer USA nemzeti igazgatója, lakik Dover, New Hampshire, és már feleségül középiskolai szerelmét, Sugár, mivel 1979. Ő két csodálatos lánya, két nagy fia-in-law, és három értékes unokái. Imádja kerékpáros Ray, séta mindenféle időjárásiés curling fel egy jó könyvet a lány kandalló.  


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