Felbátorodik. Ösztönözni kell. Tartsa Imádkozó.

Mandy új templomot és új a keresztény hit.
Csak néhány hónappal ezelőtt, she had come to know the Lord through a Bible study in my
itthon, de ahogy beszéltünk telefonon egy éjszaka, ő egyértelműen zavarta.
„Ebben a világban akkor van baj. De felbátorodik!
I have overcome the world.”
János 16:33b (NIV)

“I don’t fit in,” she said. “Everyone at church is
so good and so perfect with their smiling children around them. I feel like I don’t
belong.” I struggled with an answer. I knew how wrong she was! No one at church
is perfect. All of us have our troubles—we could be downright ornery at times,
but Mandy didn’t yet know our stories. She didn’t know that the woman sitting by
herself in the front row with a smile on her face had lost her husband to cancer
two years ago and was only just able to smile again. She had no idea that the happy
mother of three in the back suffered through ten years of infertility before she
and her husband became foster parents and were able to adopt three of their foster
gyerekek. The little girl with the pretty white dress kicking the back of the chair
in front of her? She had three operations on her heart before she was a year old.
That happy couple holding hands? They had been on the verge of divorce just a few
short years ago. Basically, we all have our stories, just like Mandy.

I encouraged her to keep attending, to take the
time to know this ragtag group of believers better. We weren’t nearly as put together
as we appeared to her. We were just happy to be together, learning more about Jesus
and the life of a Christian through the Bible teaching. Jesus stated the truth clearly
in John 16:33. “In this world you will have trouble.” Yep. We all have troubles.
The joy comes when we realize He is with us in the midst of them, and He has overcome
the world itself!
When it comes time to pray and intercede in a Moms a Prayer-csoport, we moms get real. We might look like we have it all together, de
we don’t. We have our stories and our struggles, and we gather together for the
purpose of asking for help. We cry out for our children who are hurting. We dare
to share that our kids are not perfect. We are desperate enough to be vulnerable
in our prayers, and we weep with each other as we deal with various troubles. Mi
trust that what is prayed in the group stays in the group, and our burdens are light
as we leave, after we bring them to the One who has overcome the world and who is
quite capable of helping us!

How thankful I am that our groups are safe places
to share our stories. We aren’t perfect, but we pray to the One who is … and He
is able to perfectly handle anything we bring to Him. I’m grateful He accepts us—even
on our ornery days (which, by the way, is why our time of silent Confession is so
Thanks for being part of a ministry that keeps us
real, where we can pray about what truly matters in all the messiness of life. Ön
are a gift to many as you pray for others and humbly share your own burdens as well.
Ön szereti,

Sharon Gamble, Moms a Prayer USA nemzeti igazgatója, lakik Dover, New Hampshire, és már feleségül középiskolai szerelmét, Sugár, mivel 1979. Ő két csodálatos lánya, két nagy fia-in-law, és három értékes unokái. Imádja kerékpáros Ray, séta mindenféle időjárásiés curling fel egy jó könyvet a lány kandalló.  


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