Uncertain Times Call for an Army of Praying Moms

Over the past year I have found myself growing increasingly uneasy.  In light of the past month’s news events here in America and around the world, even more so. As a military family and wife to an Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran, I keep a close eye on world events. Having lived through deployments both stateside and overseas has forced me to pay attention. With unrest, violence and other difficult world events escalating, my thoughts are held captive. With all this, there is a fear that tries to creep in.

God is mighty. God guards. God is our defender. God is our shield. These are just some of the attributes of God from the Moms in Prayer Prayer Sheets that bring great encouragement. Week by week, they refresh my soul, uplift my spirits, ground me in truth and speak to my heart and mind. Each week, when we read Scriptures about the nature of God and His Son, Jesus, I am encouraged. I can hear not just myself, but my entire group, exhale after we spend that time focusing on an attribute of God. It is an actual audible sound. Then when I put my child’s name into the weekly Scripture, I know my children are being covered by a Mighty God that is guarding them, defending them and shielding them. Beyond that, I realize that I am guarded, defended and shielded. Does that mean life is without trials and difficulties and that all is then perfect? No. But I know I am in God’s perfect will when I am interceding for my children. And even further reaching, I am part of a community that is praying that spans all over the world. I am reminded that Christ, who is seated at the right hand of God, on the throne in Heaven desires to hear my prayers. I am reminded of Revelation 5:8 that in Heaven there are, “…golden bowls of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.” That is how beautiful God sees our prayers, and the battle to be victorious over fear and to provide protection, is waged there.


Is this a wakeup call for me? In some ways it is. To not be deceived into believing that other things should take priority. I often ask myself, “Is what I need to do more important than praying for my children for one hour per week?” Does that mean I sacrifice my responsibilities? No. But, it does mean that there are things we can clearly see are not as important as prayer, that volley our time. I am able to push that aside and make prayer a priority. Knowing that God is providing a strong and mighty hedge of protection around me and my family and that I am a part of a group of praying moms in my school and community along with moms praying around the world, encourages me and helps ease my fears and anxious heart.

Is this a battle cry? Possibly. But more so, the cry of a mother’s heart. A cry from a mother’s heart for my children to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ who is always listening, faithful and never fails. A cry that is heard as our Mighty God: Guards, Defends and Shields our children and each of us. There, in prayer, the battle is waged, fought and won.



Susan A. Vernick became a Christian and began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in February 1993. A military wife, married to a US Army veteran, they have four children. Susan has led a local Moms in Prayer group for the past five years. Along with Christ, Moms in Prayer has changed her life and impacted her family in countless wonderful ways. She has a passion for writing about how Jesus changes lives through His amazing love. Susan writes devotionals and has been published in The Quiet Hour, a quarterly publication that provides daily inspiration through stories related to Scripture. She continues to write from her home in Upstate New York.


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