I Will Bless You

Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord.  Psalm 127:3 CEV

It is our privilege as mothers to bless our children. We can do this in many ways. One of the best ways is to gather with other moms to pray for our kids. Join a Moms in Prayer group. Blessing them also implies affection and spoken words.

We can bless them by lovingly running our fingers through their hair, giving them a hug and embracing them. Touch brings a blessing. It conveys love and care. If we neglect their need to be given affection, we deny our children an important part of a blessing.

Spoken words are central to a blessing. Words of blessing as well as negative comments can have a lifelong effect on our children. In addition, lack of words of blessing also has consequences. Without words of love, affection and encouragement, children grow up with a huge deficit.



When we tell our children that they are valuable, we bless them. We should not only do this if they have performed well, or are showing exemplary behavior. When words of appreciation are linked only with performance and conduct, these words lose their power and miss the point.

Another aspect of blessing is to provide a hopeful future for our children. If we encourage them with a view on their future, it influences their attitude towards life with lasting effects. Encouraging words help them develop in a positive way. On the other hand, intimidating and threatening words causing fear can seriously impede a child’s development.



But words of blessing are not enough. If we want to bless our children, we need to be ready to take responsibility to fulfill a blessing. This means first asking God for confirmation of the blessing. By doing so, we acknowledge that the blessing we give comes solely and exclusively from God. Thereafter it requires our commitment of time and energy. Our children should be encouraged again and again, praised, and held in our arms. If they are hurt, they need someone to give them security and comfort. Their hidden talents need to be released, encouraged and developed.

Let’s choose to be mothers who are a source of blessing to our children, and who cultivate a culture of blessing in our families. That will cost us something, but the consequences are immense.imageBlessingNumbers6

I will bless you … and you will be a blessing.  Genesis 12:2

With love,

Cornelia Amstutz

(Adapted from “The Blessing,” a book by Gary Smalley and John Trent).

Bless your children with this printable (to the right). Download and share.

imageCorneliaAmstutzBlogCornelia is the Moms in Prayer International Country Coordinator for Switzerland. When she was a young mother of three children, she had one desire in her heart– to serve God. He taught her as a wife and mother, that her priority in ministry was to love her husband (who is a teacher) and her children, to be there for them and to pray for them. So when Cornelia heard about Moms in Prayer, she knew this was an answer from God. She was changed as a mother through praying together with other moms. She learned to trust God with her children, grew closer to Jesus, and experienced amazing answers to prayer. Cornelia wants other moms to experience the same.

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  1. What amazing words…may you be blessed for this exhortation to us, Cornelia! Beautiful, powerful words of inspiration. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this post. We need reminders to love and be affectionate with our children. If we say we love them we would show it through time, affection, touch, and what means children show and need love. What a gift children are indeed!

  3. I love this. A great reminder to be intentional DAILY! Thank you! And I love that Numbers 6 scripture. I have been praying it over my boys before they go to school.

  4. This was very encouraging. As a senior adult I desire to pass this on to many younger moms and grandmothers to hold them and mold their future responses as well. Thank you for this blessing.

  5. I would wish to know how to bless old kids. when they grow up they turn to give you a distance. They cannot allow to hug them the way you used to do it when they were still young. Especially boys they change when they grow up.

    1. Post
  6. Thank you for sharing !!! I really appreciate all of this. I do pray for my husband and children and grandson and their families. I want to be a blessing. I want to give blessing to my family. Love and prayers, Diana Osborne

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