In All Circumstances

I will give You thanks in the great assembly; I will praise You among many people.

Psalm 35:18 (NKJV)

She was proud of her son—and she should be. Matthew had graduated from college and done well. She had seen a lot of changes in him over the four years … from a freshman who liked hanging out with friends too much and too long, letting schoolwork slide until it was too late for a good grade … to a senior who got the job done, knew when to close the door, put his head down and study. He’d met the love of his life and was getting married. Next step: a job. That shouldn’t be hard with his work ethic and the way his grades had gone steadily up and up over the four years, right?

But it was hard. Week after week after week my friend came to Moms in Prayer and asked God to give Matthew a job. The asking turned to downright begging, as opportunity after opportunity always went to the “other guy.” But she kept coming. We kept praying … while month after weary month, Matthew looked for work, but never landed a job. Not even this long delay stopped his mom from her faithful prayers, because she knew there was nowhere else to go except to the God she loved and who loved her son.


Other college graduates were getting jobs, and the Thanksgiving portion of our Moms in Prayer hour was filled with rejoicings—but not for her son. Still, my friend kept coming. She rejoiced and thanked God for the good news of other moms, and she waited. All. Year. Long. She waited.

Sometime in April, my friend quietly entered my home for our Moms in Prayer meeting. She followed our format, praising God first and silently confessing. But when I led us into Thanksgiving, she couldn’t wait to joyfully pray, “Thank You, God, for the excellent job you gave Matthew this week! Lord, he is so excited to see how well this position fits him. Thank You for a good starting salary. Thank You for room for advancement. Thank You.”

The room erupted in shouts of thanksgiving and praise to our good and giving God. Around the room went the tissue box as we laughed and cried and thanked Him for the answer to this long, long season of waiting. How sweet it was to share in her joy! We felt as if we were giving birth after hard labor to a new and beautiful beginning for Matthew. I can still “feel” the joy of that meeting like it was yesterday! And to this day, ten years later, Matthew is still employed at this company and doing well.


Yes, God’s answer was delayed, but He gave Matthew the perfect job in His perfect time. Our whole group experienced the fruit of that season of prayer. We saw the faithfulness in Matthew’s mama, who came and prayed anyway, through 52 seemingly endless weeks of waiting.

Does God have you in a season of waiting? Do you find yourself thanking Him for others’ answers while still waiting for your own? Trust Him—and don’t give up. The answer will come, and the rejoicing in your group will be great.

The Bible teaches us to thank God together. “I will give you thanks in the great assembly,” the psalmist says. Rejoice during the times of thanksgiving in your Moms in Prayer hour. Give thanks in the assembly of your group. Celebrating His answers with others doubles the JOY!

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Sharon Gamble, USA National Director

Sharon Gamble, Moms in Prayer USA National Director, resides in Dover, New Hampshire, and has been married to her high school sweetheart, Ray, since 1979. She has two wonderful daughters, two great sons-in-law and four precious grandchildren. She loves biking with Ray, walking in all kinds of weather and curling up with a good book by her fireplace.

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  1. It’s so difficult to maintain hope when the wait has been almost 10 years for our 22 year old’s daughter’s heart to soften. She is deeply entrenched in the lies of this world and the enemy has his grasp on her. She knows Jesus but has turned her back and refuses Him. I grasp on to HOPE for our adult prodigal because hope is all I have. I have joy in His promises, always, but this journey has caused inexplicable, unrelenting pain. As each year goes by, it becomes more difficult to keep up the good fight. But I know this… He is faithful and He will succeed in turning her eyes towards Him one day. He will answer the prayers from this grieving mother who implores Him with a bleeding heart! He has and IS, refining and transforming me in this process. I still battle with the unbearable pain each day, as we watch our daughter self-destruct. There was a time when I used to pray for her to have a decent job, to be happy, an empathetic and responsible adult. Now, my prayer has radically changed to pleading that He does His work in her and changes her heart of stone, into a heart FOR Jesus. Her being saved is the only thing that matters anymore. All else is fluff to me.

  2. I am so glad that I stumbled on to this site. I love the sense of community – standing alongside each other during the good times and the bad. Our youngest has been blessed with a good arm and is trying out for the junior national team in Florida this week (fastpitch). She is a bag of nerves and mentioned that home was a lot more comfortable than this. She is good but has never had a lot of confidence in her abilities. I have always told her to be meek and it may have backfired a wee bit. Anyway, this camp runs from Monday to Friday and I thank God for giving her this opportunity. I am hoping that, if you feel so inclined that you could lift her up in prayer so that she knows she is good enough. Blessings to all of you moms out there. It takes a village.

    1. Post

      Hello Janice, Thank you so much for your message. I will lift your daughter up in prayer right now! I’m praying that she knows she is loved, valued and cherished by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and by her Abba. That she would know the height, the depth, the width and the length of God’s love for her and that she will be filled to the measure of all the fullness of Him. God bless you Janice! If you’re looking for a Moms in Prayer group close to you, you can go to the Join a Group page on our website:

  3. What a much need encouragement I’m in that waiting stage as well for my Son Christopher after nine years in jail being release in June he is seeking a job and me and our moms in prayer group has be laboring in prayer for Chris for so very long… He is my prodigal son; I know that God loves him and has great plans for him so I’m standing strong in my belief that God is faithful to his promises and his plans for Chris are plans of welfare and peace and NOT of evil plans, to prosper him and give him a hope…so thank thank you for this encouragement .

    Grace & Peace,

  4. Dear Kathy, SO thankful this blog post came at just the right time!! May God give you His hope and peace as you wait with your graduate for His best!!

  5. I am still waiting for answers for each of my grown children–since 2013 for one and since 2015 for the other. It is hard sometimes to hear everyone else’s praise reports. But, we must trust that the Lord has the best plan for our children and be patient.

  6. Amen to this posting
    We are in a season of waiting for the same thing for our graduate. It is not easy to see young people trying and still unemployed! Thank God for this blog of the moment! I just happened to read this, and God must have been reading my mind. Oh wait… He always does! God is faithful!

  7. Amen to this posting
    We are in a season of waiting for the same thing for our graduate. It is not easy to see young people trying and still unemployed! Thank God for this blog of the moment! I hady I read this. God is faithful!

  8. I too thank you for the encouragement. There are so many God moments I could write about with regards to our daughter who has been suffering chronic illness for over 11 years. We pray for her in my Moms in Prayer group and we give thanks for all the little blessings as well as thanksgiving for the answers yet to come. But there are days when I have to ask Jesus to help me with my unbelief as I so struggle when I see her in pain. However, He answers me quickly with those prayers and I can feel His strength renewing my soul. I will not be moved and I will continue to prayer for her complete healing with thanksgiving in my heart and soul. Thank you for reading this – it helps to know others are praying too.

  9. Hi Jeanie, may God renew your son’s strength during this entire time. And your strength as well as you carry him to the feet of Christ each day. May God provide all that he needs till that job that has his name written on it come. Amen.

  10. Thank you so much for this encouragement. I could’ve written this myself, except that our son does not have a job and we are still waiting. I went to our prayer group this morning and thanked the Lord for the job another mom’s child received this past week, while our son received several carefully worded e-mails letting him know the jobs he was pursuing went to others. Our son is so discouraged that he can hardly pray himself. But…like the four friends of the paralyzed man in Luke 5, we carried him to Jesus again this morning.

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