Igniting a Passion to Pray is taught by Moms in Prayer International Founder, Fern Nichols

Suggestions for teachers and facilitators:
  • Choose either 1 hr sessions/12 week study OR 2 hr sessions/6 week study.
  • You can offer this study as a weekly or bi-weekly class.
  • Either show the video and facilitate, or you can teach it yourself.
  • You can choose how much time to give for group discussion and prayer.
  • You have the option to change group time to personal time.

12 Week Format

Do you prefer to offer one hour sessions for this study?
Below are suggestions on how to do this:

Week One: Session 1, sections I. – III.
Week Two: Session 1, sections IV. – VI.
Week Three: Session 2, sections 1. – III.
Week Four: Session 2, sections IV. – VI.
Week Five: Session 3, sections I. – III.

Session 1:  Opening My Heart to Pray

Session 2:  Knowing My God – Praise

Session 3:  Lord, Purify My Heart

Session 4:  Developing a Thankful Heart

Session 5:  A Heart to Stand in the Gap

Session 6:  Putting My Prayers into Action

Week Six: Session 3, sections IV. – V.
Week Seven: Session 4, sections I. – II.
Week Eight: Session 4, sections III. – IV.
Week Nine: Session 5, sections I. – IIIA.
Week Ten: Session 5, sections IIIB. – V.
Week Eleven: Session 6, sections I. – II.
Week Twelve: Session 6, sections III. – V.