Let’s Go Get Groceries

No, I am not really suggesting getting groceries right now {although I do need to soon}. “Lets go get groceries” is what Steve said to me nearly one year ago ….. and this phrase has been on my mind lately because one year ago yesterday I had surgery to remove the cancerous lymph node. 
Eight years ago yesterday was when I said goodbye to Mom, she went to be with the Lord after 2 courageous battles against cancer.  A coincidence that my cancer surgery was on the anniversary that Mom’s battle against cancer ended and she was victorious in going home to the Lord?  I think not, I am told that in the original Hebrew there is no word for coincidence, God’s hand guides all.  We have such an awesome God.  
A week later I got a pathology report confirming suspicions, and after telling our children Steve said, “Let’s go get groceries”.  Now let me tell you that I said, “What? At a time like this?” I was fairly numb and sick with nerves and rather foggy. I truly thought my dear hubby was a bit crazy.  However, he was right.  It was doing normal things and putting one foot in front of the other that helped me to learn to live with this new normal life.  And isn’t life precious?  And goodness! The blessings!! Like my awesome family!!!  I could go on about them for forever and a day. There are just so many blessings that walking on this journey with cancer has brought me.   
One that I want to share is rest.  Learning to rest.  I have always had a hard time with that.  And Matthew 11:28-30 has been urging my heart to take heed at God’s Words. Countless times I’ve read these words, but they really began to make an impact on me last October when I was at the Moms in Prayer retreat, Come To Me.  Two things the Lord has put upon my heart that I need to bring into practice from this Scripture. 
Obviously being the mother of 5 has given me a few sleepless nights through the years.  Running my house and kids has left me pretty tired. Part of the exhaustion is my own fault though. After taking care of everyone else all day long I would continually stay up way too late just to have some time to myself.  While that’s not a bad thing to do on occasion, running consistently on 5 hours of sleep wasn’t good for me. So, now I am working on getting more physical rest.  Some friends say, “goodness just to go sleep.”  I have painted rooms through the middle of the night, read really good books, or watched House Hunters on HGTV. At that time it all seemed like a better way of spending my time rather than sleeping.  Now I am asking the Lord to be the Lord of my physical rest.  I am making some progress.  The other rest has been resting in Him with my life.  I come from a long line of worriers.  We couldn’t tell one grandma if any of us were on an airplane cause she’d be beside herself with worry. Another grandma flew everywhere she could. It was truly guided by the Lord’s hand that I would go to the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove and meet with other Moms in Prayer women after chemo was over, to learn to rest in Him with my life and those close to my heart. 
I look forward to today with joy.  Joy, because I am learning from Him, He has given me rest for my soul, because His yoke is easy and His burden is light.   My prayer for you today is that you go to Him “Come to me…” Matthew 11:29 and that through doing so “Ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace…..” Isaiah 55:12 “the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.”

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Annette Wilson is daughter of The King, wife to Stephen, mom to Stephanie {married}, Jesse {married}, James {college}, John {high school} Samuel {high school} mom-in-law to Mac & Traci granny to Eddie, Josie, Tegwin and soon to be Fallon. She is also a cancer survivor and always a Moms in Prayer woman.

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