Lord, how do I raise my kids according to Your will?

Jun, a Chinese mom living in Australia

years ago in church, I heard the Scripture, “Children are a heritage from the
Lord…” from Psalm 127:3. This was a great comfort to me and reminded me that my
children are a gift from God. I wanted to commit my three daughters to Him but
didn’t know how to raise them according to His will.
I cried out to God for my children. During this time, I was invited to the Igniting a Passion to Pray Bible study
at my church. I thanked God for this study and knew it was an answer to my
prayers. At the same time, I joined a Moms in Prayer group that met on
Tuesdays. This prayer meeting was precious to me. Despite many other things on
my schedule, I decided to commit my time to join these moms in praying for our
kids and schools. 
thing I remember vividly that year was my youngest daughter starting
kindergarten six months early (due to the date of her birthday). She cried
every time she went to the school bathroom, said it was dark and scary and wet
herself. As a mom, I was very distressed by this so I brought the matter to my
Moms in Prayer group. Oh, the amazing power of praying in one accord! Soon my
daughter stopped crying when she went to school and no longer had any
“accidents.” Joy and peace have been with her since that time. 
knew I had fears and worries about raising my kids. After realizing that my way
of parenting my daughters led to failure, I discovered the best way is coming
to His throne of grace through prayer. And through my obedience to gather and
pray with other moms, I witnessed God’s hand of power and mercy. Joining Moms
in Prayer became the most meaningful event in my life.  

Jun is a Chinese mom living in
Sydney, Australia and raising three daughters. She first heard about Moms in
Prayer through the Igniting a Passion to Pray Bible study held at her
church.  It has been two years since Jun joined a Moms in Prayer group and
she thanks God, “that I can pray according to His will through Moms in Prayer
and give Him glory.” 

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