Mighty Moms

By Debi Grenseman
In this world, many things tug and pull at our children to
turn them from the Lord. As moms, our hearts’ desire is for our children to
realize that Jesus is all they really want or need, that He is everything. As
we stand together in prayer for them, the power of God moves in our children’s
lives to free them from the hold of Satan. A video skit done by Lifehouse, in
essence, depicts just that.  If you
haven’t seen the Lifehouse Everything Drama, it is powerful. Please give it a
Can you just imagine a couple of moms in the wings? Battling
for this daughter?
Moms in Prayer moms are just that—the unseen warriors.  They aren’t out on the stage.  They most often don’t have a “presence” at
the school—God has given other moms the calling of school volunteer.  Instead, He has called Moms in Prayer moms to
battle in the wings to unleash the power of God into their children’s lives
through prayer. 
In Exodus 17:9-16, Moses needed the support of Aaron and Hur
to keep the rod of God lifted high. 
Though the passage doesn’t state that Moses was praying per se, the rod
of God was a symbol of the power of God being held over the battle.  That is what is done through prayer—the power
of God is let loose over the enemy. 
Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary reminds us that even the “strongest
arm will fail with being long held out.” 
He went on to write that “Moses’ hands were heavy in praying” and noted
that “the more spiritual any service is, the more apt we are to fail and flag
in it.” 
Just as Moses needed support, we moms need support to stay
true to the task so we don’t “fail and flag in it.”  Prayer is work, hard work. But, when we
gather in community, holding each other up through corporate prayer, we play
significant roles. We strengthen each other. Just as did Aaron and Hur did with
Moses, we help each other persevere in prayer and in love. And as we do that,
the rod of prayer is held up high!
Please be encouraged. You are not on stage as far as the
world is concerned. You are spending your time doing something invaluable. You
are an advocate standing before the Throne in the presence of the King.
Don’t give up! Keep holding the rod of prayer over the
enemy. Keep trusting. As our Fern Nichols reminds us—God is working!
“They cried out to God during the battle, and he
answered their prayer because they trusted in him.”  1 Chronicles 5:20b (GW)
I believe God is working.
Tell us how God has worked in your life. Please bless us by leaving a comment.

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  1. Anna, I am just now seeing this. I pray the comfort of our Lord Jesus will embrace your heart day by day. He now holds your daughter's heart as He does yours. Eternity is only a moment away–you will be reunited with your sweet girl forever. Our Hope of glory does not disappoint. Love, Debi

  2. Been a praying mom since my youngest was in preschool. My youngest, at age 25, just died of a horrible disease – cancer. Does God answer prayer? Yes! My daughter grew up in our Christian home, and did all the "Christian" activities, but when she left for college, her faith walk faltered. Though grieved, I never stopped praying nor did I give up hope. Before she died, she asked how she could repent since she could not change her life. I told her Jesus was more interested in her heart and she could still make it right with God in her heart. She nodded and a glow of peace surrounded her countenance. Those were her last real words to me, and this mom is comforted by the hope of glory, and the answers to a mother's fervent prayers. Moms, do not be discouraged if your child falls away. Continue to love them and they will know that God is love.

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