Military Mom


Imagine moving 23 times in a little over 30 years! For Debby
Allen, military wife and mom, that’s her reality.
Like Debby’s, all our military families face unique challenges and struggles: frequent
moves with all the physical work that entails, the emotional strain of leaving
friends and striking out for the unknown. All compounded when there are kids to
help deal with new schools, new teachers, new friends. Add into the mix long
absences of husband and dad … it’s not easy.
No one knows better than Debby how intimidating it can
be to arrive in a new town knowing very little about the people or the area,
but she has discovered a secret weapon. Okay. Not so secret, but here’s her
Twenty-one years ago, Debby heard a Focus on the Family broadcast and
listened as Fern talked with Dr. Dobson about the value of “calling in
reinforcements,” joining with other moms to fight in prayer for the lives of
our children and their schools. Right away Debby knew, “I have to be a part of Moms
in Prayer.”
This military mom discovered an army: prayer warriors
fighting very real spiritual battles. She also discovered another benefit—deep
friendships with kindred spirits.
Mother of four and now grandmother of three, Debby
reflects on her experiences with Moms in Prayer through the years. “As soon as
we arrived in a new place, I began by finding a Moms in Prayer group. What a help
this was to my family in getting acquainted more quickly. Often, I would find a
group before we found a church. Moms in Prayer meant instant friends for me—and
for my family. Connecting with families that shared the same spiritual
foundation was critical to feeling established in a community. If we moved to an
area without a Moms in Prayer group, I would immediately get the word out and
begin forming one.”
Debby found or founded Moms in Prayer groups in each
new city and town, which includes ten different groups in three states. How
beautifully God used Moms in Prayer groups to ease transition after transition
for Debby—and He will do the same for you.
Are you anticipating a move, military or other? Are you
floundering in a new town not knowing how to get plugged in? Wouldn’t you love
to know a group of moms willing to pray for your children? Check out the Moms in Prayer Group
and see if there is a group in your new community—you’ll
find friends ready to welcome you! We also provide specific prayers and verses to encourage our military
by Jan Peck and Bonnie Nichols
P.S. from Bonnie – On a personal note, this beautiful mom moved to my hometown when I was in junior high.
She is the reason my mom joined Moms in Prayer in my early teens. Thank you,
Debby, for fighting the good fight in prayer for countless kids like me—in your
23 moves. You are a true prayer warrior! 

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