My Job is to Pray

By Kathy Rothaar

I’ve entered a brand new season, sending one child off to
college, launching into another year for my daughter in high school, and my youngest starting back to his school. 

each passing year, it seems that my job as a parent becomes more difficult as
the challenges that my children face become more difficult.  So what is my
job while they away learning their ABC’s? 
My job is to pray. 
bible says to pray without ceasing and I can’t think of anything more
worthwhile to pray for than my children. 
Two years ago, I
received a phone call from a mom whose daughter had been in my son’s class the
previous year.  She asked me if I was a Christian because we had seen each
other at a function at a local church.  She said that she wanted to start
Moms in Prayer
 group in our community to
pray for our public schools and our children and would I be interested in
joining her.  I immediately said yes because the Lord had put that desire
on my heart as well.
I had been part of a Moms
in Prayer group in the Christian school my children had previously attended and
it was an amazing experience.  Well, she subsequently reached out to the
Christian women she knew and I did the same.  A few short weeks later,
five of us gathered in her living room to pray for our schools and our
children.  As the months went on and we continued faithfully meeting, we
thought that there might be other mothers out there who would want to pray with
us so we posted Open House fliers around town.  We received an
overwhelming response.  At the close of the school year, there were 11 of
us praying during the day and another group that was forming to pray in the
is so faithful.  It only took the obedience of one mother who said “Yes,”
and God did the rest.
in Prayer International
is an organization formed by one mom whose desire
was to get together with other Christian mothers and pray for her school-aged
children.  These biblically-based prayer meetings last for one hour, with
each meeting beginning with the reading of scripture as we offer praises to the
Lord for one specific attribute.  Then we have a time of silent
confession, followed by thanksgiving.  We then pray for specific needs for
the schools and break into smaller groups of two or three to pray for our
children.  The prayers and petitions that we present are all done with
conversational prayer.  We simply talk to our Heavenly Father about the
concerns on our heart for our children.  We saw so many of our prayers
will you join in this call to pray for our children?
We strongly encourage
you to find a Moms in Prayer group in your area (visit this link to
search for a group or learn how to start your own
and change your corner of the world – for your kids.  Praying for your
children’s teachers, school administrators, bus drivers, cafeteria workers,
aides and classmates is your job as a parent.  Yes, our lives are busy but
if you can carve out one hour a week to pray with other moms, you won’t regret
it.  It will change your prayer life and your children’s lives forever. If
you’re a homeschooling parent, don’t feel left out. Start your own group and
pray for all your children, homeschooled, public school, private school
alike!  Revival has to start somewhere, with someone.  Why not
you?  Why not now?
Ephesians 6:18
And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of
prayers and requests.

With this in mind, be
alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.  

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