No, You Cannot Mean Me, Lord – I Do Not Pray Out Loud

By DeCole Cody
I do not know where
to begin telling you my story about Moms in Prayer. It began in 2010 when
God tapped my shoulder and said “DeCole, start a group…” I kindly replied, “No,
You cannot mean me, Lord… I do not PRAY OUT LOUD.” Having just gone through a very
big life transformation with my husband coming home saved and very much a NEW
MAN I knew ANYTHING was possible so I answered the call. Or shall I say I went
to an information session at Dee Barnes’ house. I even went to “recruiting” my
friends. Sadly, we never got our group started. I know I had a fear of failing
and I REALLY did not want to pray out loud even though I was called to pray
over my girls and their school! I let time pass by and I thought I had
“escaped” leading a group!

I thought I was “off
the hook” when we moved in the summer of 2011!  Then in 2012 God had a
friend ask me if I had heard about Moms in Prayer and if I would pray with her.
There is NO HIDING from God! So I said YES and we started praying this fall! We
have 4-5 regular attendees and 8 or so active in our prayer time.

During the time we
started to pray and I was praying over my daughter’s heart she was called back
to her previous campus (ANSWER TO PRAYER). So here we are split between 2
elementary school campuses and at the heart of where my Moms in Prayer journey
began but never got started. So I jumped right in and started another group! We
will only be at this campus through the end of the year so I have found a mom
who will continue to lead the group through the coming years while her children
are there!  We have 5 moms praying right now and truly already seeing
answers to prayers over these kids and their campus!

I am no longer
bashful about praying out loud, having my words vanish before they leap out of
my heart or making any mistakes! We see a lot of grace in our hour together! I
have had a friend at another campus hear me talk about “my” Moms in Prayer
groups and asked how she can get one started at her campus! I am hoping that I
can help them start a great little group there as well!

Next year we begin middle
school and at this time no one is praying – so I have told my husband – I am
going to start a group! I think it will help us 6th grade moms transition more easily knowing
that God is directing us and is with us!

I know that the 2
days I pray for an hour each week are spirit filled! I am not special; I just
answered the call. I am so thankful for Moms in Prayer and how my girls ask me
how my prayer group was each week! I love how I can ask them if there is anything
I can pray about for them! I love that we are so free to talk to our Father and
pray the Scriptures over our children!

What I know is that
God took me back to where He first tapped my shoulder and provided me with an
opportunity to complete what He asked me to start! I am a blessed girl! I don’t
know where this journey takes me but I know it has already changed my life in
just a few short months!

We serve a very
personal, intentional, present God! Thank you for this ministry and for a way
for moms to connect with each other in a safe place to lift up our prayers to
our father!!!!

Cody is a praying mom who lives in Denton, Texas.  She has
been married to Dan for almost 12 years, four of those in a Christian marriage!
They have two children – Isabelle who is 11 and Emilee who is 9. 

grew up Quaker and will be graduating from Denton Bible’s 2 year course – Bible
Training Center for leaders in May! She says she feels led to grow her
involvement with Moms in Prayer wherever she can be used after

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  1. I loved reading this post! In some ways, it's similar to my own story. I heard God speak to me about starting a group at my son's school. I thought, 'no way pick someone else'. It was nagging on me the whole year that I needed to start a group. I told God if someone doesn't start a group this year, I will for sure do it next year. Well, no group was formed and the next year had come. I was holding out for someone else to start the group until September. God put people right in my way to invite and they came. We have 4-5 moms praying for our kids and their school!!

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