On the Cusp of Revival

“The next generation is not afraid to offend people. They want to know instead how to love and share their faith. We are trying to teach them that you can love each other and disagree.” Today’s guest, youth ministry expert and founder of Never The Same, Jeff Eckart, says the next generation is ripe for revival. “When students start praying, they start changing.” Listen in as Lee and Jeff discuss our approach to coming alongside this generation, and the groundswell of prayer planned for July 2020.

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Show Notes:

4 Biblical Prayer Focuses for Campuses

  1. Grace (for believers)
  2. Peace (in relationships)
  3. Justice (change in school environment)
  4. Mercy (change in circumstances, addictions)

Find more information about the Asbury Revival

Claim Your Campus 2020

Scripture Psalm 145:4:  “One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.”

Listen to Jeff’s first interview on the Moms in Prayer Podcast (America’s Prime Mission Field)

Jeff’s Resources and Websites:

Never the Same 

Claim Your Campus

Campus Prayer App– available in the Itunes store

The Thought Factory Podcast

About our Guest:

Jeff Eckart is a Christ follower, son, husband and father of three girls. He is founder and CEO of Never The Same, a ministry whose focus is uniting students to love God & change the world in which they live through their faith in Jesus. Part of this ministry is a movement called Claim Your Campus, with a vision to unite 1 million students in prayer at every middle school & high school in America.  Find out more  @jeffeckart and @claimyourcampus

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