Ordinary People for Extraordinary Purpose

Ordinary people for
extraordinary purpose – Listen to that call to start a Moms in Prayer Group

By Lori Bittenbender

Even though I was confident in my calling to start a Moms in
Prayer group for my daughter’s school, I was terrified to host my first prayer group.  I had never served in this
capacity before.  I had taught Sunday
School off and on for many years, but to be a prayer leader for a group of
women?  Never!

Only one other mom attended the first meeting and I warned
her before we got started that I was nervous and not used to praying in this
format.  Specifically, the part about praising God was a new concept for me. 

In reading about Gideon in the book of Judges, I completely relate to his questioning of God to save Israel, when he asks,
“But Lord, how can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and
I am the least in my family.” (Chapter 6, vs. 15)
In starting my Moms in Prayer group, I definitely felt insufficient,
inarticulate and I was worried my brain would freeze up.

But as God repeatedly shows throughout the Bible, the Lord
uses ordinary people for extraordinary purposes. If you are hearing the call
from God to lead a Moms in Prayer group, I urge you to heed that calling. 

Since that first Moms in Prayer meeting, I have personally
grown in my prayer life, and I have grown in my relationship with God.  I have always felt an
obligation to attend church and believe in God, but by learning how to praise
Him, I have come to know Him on a more personal level.  I have
really become aware of God’s love. By learning how to praise God with so many
different attributes, I have come to know Him on a more intimate level and I’m
in awe!

Here are some resources that may help you:

  • ·        
    Prayer sheets on the Moms in Prayer website, www.MomsInPrayer.org.
  • ·        
    Fern Nichols’ book,
    Moms in Prayer: Standing in the Gap For Your Children.”
  • ·        
    I also urge you to consider attending the 2014 Moms in Prayer, Festival of Joy  October 17-19, 2014 in Dallas, TX. Many of the “Joy” sessions will help you learn how to lead a Moms in Prayer
    group.  You will be blessed as you gather with moms from around the nation and the world who believe that praying for their children is
    one of the most important contributions they can make in their child’s life.
Lori Bittenbender grew up in Southern California and now lives near Dallas, Texas with her husband of 14 years and their children, Kate,
Lauren and Ryan.  She works from home as a
publicist/public relations freelancer. 
When her oldest daughter was headed to Kindergarten, she felt called to
start a Moms in Prayer group for their local elementary school. For the first
year, the group only consisted of Lori and one other mom.  Now the group has grown to 5 – 7 women who
gather each week. 

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