Our Battle Cry

An opening scene in the movie, War Roomshows military leaders around a table with maps, strategizing together. We hear this: “To win any battle you’ve got to have the right strategy and the right resources.”

Moms in Prayer International has such a strategy: to impact children and schools worldwide for Christ by gathering mothers to pray. Our tactic is not guerilla warfare, but raising up an army of praying moms to advance against the schemes of the enemy in unity and agreement. “Lord we need an army of believers that will stand on Your Word above all else. Raise up warriors, Lord, who will fight on their knees,” pleads Miss Clara, the godly grandmother prayer warrior in the movie.


Proverbs 24:6 says that “by wise guidance you can wage your war,” and the story line of this film builds on the desire of an older, wiser woman, Miss Clara, to pass along lessons of a lifetime of prayer to a younger wife and mother. “Guide me to who You want me to help, Lord.”


When Elizabeth, her new real estate agent, shows up at the door, Miss Clara spies the answer to this request, and launches her offensive. As Elizabeth commences her walk-through of Miss Clara’s home, the gutsy Miss Clara seizes the opportunity to walk her way into this young woman’s life. With intentionality and boldness, Miss Clara leads Elizabeth down a path of discovery: how powerfully God will fight through her prayers to keep her hurting family intact. “You need to do your fighting in prayer, and you need to kick the real enemy out of your home with the Word of God!”

War Room

Beyond these timeless and rousing themes, War Room, is authentic, witty and engaging. As the primary plotline unfolds, genuine biblical faith is well portrayed, particularly in lives God changes through “wrestling” in the Word and prayer. Miss Clara could have been one of the early members of Moms in Prayer. Her son, who was “trouble” in his younger days, has become a godly and respected, local official after years of his mom’s prayers poured out for him.

As a 30-year-old prayer ministry we have countless such testimonies and tens of thousands of seasoned praying moms and grandmothers. What an opportunity we have to pay it forward by likewise investing in our daughters and other young moms.

Guide us, Lord, to moms you want us to help.

All are encouraged to go and relish the multifaceted delights of this film, especially opening weekend – August 28-30! Go with your family, your church, your Moms in Prayer group. Invite a younger mom and go for coffee afterwards. Plan your own Battle Cry event using the resources on our Events page.

Be ready to train new troops by teaching our prayer curriculum, Igniting A Passion to Pray, in your community or at your church. God’s people will emerge from the theaters having heard a compelling call to fight on their knees for what is dear to them. Be ready to enlist them!


Janet Mackert, USA Team Director

Janet Mackert,
Team Director

 Janet Mackert, Moms in Prayer USA Team Director, resides near Augusta, GA and has been married to her best friend, Rod, since 1978. She has raised three boys and three girls and continues to ‘mother’ others that the Lord brings in and out of her home. Her favorite creative outlets include gardening (until heat, humidity and weeds take over), classic ballet and sewing. She loves passing along to others the prayer treasures she has acquired from 25 years in Moms in Prayer.





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  1. This movie has changed my ways of praying and trusting God for everything!! Am Eunice From Kenya, Africa and I watch this movie every time i need to re-energize for prayers. God bless you!

  2. Do you have the actual words to Miss Clara’s prayer at the end of the movie? I want to have it printed off and give to my ladies group and other friends and family. I will listen and type to the video if need be, but the thought occurred to me to see if it was already available.

    Thank you. What a powerful, powerful movie! We’ve watched it twice already and will watch it again soon.

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