Our Responsibility to Fight for this Generation

Twenty two years ago, a social work program started in Bogotá Colombia, in the town of Ciudad Bolívar. I help run this Project called Explorers of Truth. We currently have 98 children, ages 4 to 16, and 20 support team members. including teachers. Through this program, the children learn principles and values ​​from the Word of God. Several moms of these children spoke to me about topics that were being discussed in the schools. They said the educational institutions were hiring staff to teach their children an ungodly agenda.

In searching God’s presence about this, he brought to my mind that these are serious issues our children are facing. In our área, children and families are already suffering from poverty, violence, dysfunctional relationships and drug use. I was very restless and I perceived that the enemy was raising a specfic strategy to confuse and damage our generations.

I thank my Heavenly Father. He has everything in control and when He has a purpose, He fulfills it.

One morning while at church, I asked some women to help me organize some areas that God had given us for ministry projects. At the end of the afternoon, one of them handed me a package that I decided to put aside. I continued with my work and when I came home, I remembered the package and opened it. Inside was a brochure with the words, “Mom, will you pray for me?” And a Booklet with a wonderful title, Mothers in Prayer, Praying for Children and Schools. I quickly looked for a contact and sent an email. What a surprise that an incredible woman from Argentina answered me. Our connection in the Spirit was immediate and with much love, she explained what the Madres Unidas Para Orar (Moms in Prayer) ministry was all about.

I realized this was the tool we needed to pray for children and young people, and also for their schools, universities, principals and group directors.

In prayer we have a powerful weapon and now we would be able to use it in a more wise, strategic and specific way.

I asked the teachers of the social work program to make several lists to include names of the schools, the principals of the institution and group directors. Since then, we have not stopped praying and interceding, because we understand that most of these children and young people live in dysfunctional homes and God was giving us a responsibility to pray for them, to ask Him to protect their generation.

Every Tuesday we have an intercession group when we fast and study the Word. We have formed Moms in Prayer groups of 3 and 4 women. This gift that came to us through the Moms in Prayer ministry has also extended, by his grace, to the church. As a group of mothers, we are praying every Sunday for the children and their schools. In His perfect timing, God sent this to Bogotá, Colombia, in the town of Ciudad Bolívar. Through our prayers, God is bringing revival to our community and a responsibility to women and mothers to pray with understanding so that our generations are not lost.

Through the ministry Bible verse, Lamentations 2:19, we are reminded that God is good, brought us such an effective ministry and included us to fulfill His plans and purposes to make His glory seen in the nations of the earth.

Arise, cry out in the night, as the watches of the night begin; pour out your heart like wáter in the presence of the Lord. Lift up your hands to him for the lives of your children, who faint from hunger at every street corner.  Lamentations 2:19 (NIV)

¡Gloria a Dios!
Glory to God!
Patty Alonso

Pray for Colombia:
  • Group leaders will reach out to mothers and churches to start groups, covering more schools in prayer.
  • Children and teachers will welcome Christ into their hearts through the prayers of Madres Unidas Para Orar (Moms in Prayer) groups.
  • God will continue to remove violence, substance abuse and dysfunction in families, transforming schools and communities for Christ throughout Colombia.

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