Prayer with a Purpose

Be persistent and devoted to prayer, being alert and focused in your prayer life with an attitude of thanksgiving.  Colossians 4:2 (AMP)

I like spontaneity as much as the next gal, but let’s face it, “winging it” doesn’t always give us the results we want. If I need an operation, I definitely want doctors who studied hard and know what they’re doing. No spontaneous gall bladder removals, please. Attending a symphony where everyone in the orchestra just shows up without bothering to practice their parts would be … excruciatingly awful, actually. And please, dear airline pilot, put in all those hours of flight time before you fly me across the country! Usually, people need to be prepared and disciplined to accomplish a mission.

It’s the same with the mission of Moms in Prayer International—a mission with an eternal purpose—praying for our children and grandchildren that they will walk with Christ. It’s not a calling to take on lightly. In fact, this mission drives me to show up each week and to pray effectively. That’s why I love our prayer sheet that keeps us focused on the Four Steps of Prayer.

  • Each step of prayer is designed to prepare us for the purposeful work of intercession for our children and those who influence them in their schools.
  • By being purposeful and following a format, we stay in prayer. No wandering off topic, no chatting about the latest weather report. No sir. We come to pray. The prayer sheet keeps us disciplined and talking to the living God who cares.
  • With a prayer sheet to follow, everyone knows what’s coming next, and all can join in prayer with greater understanding than they would if each individual were just doing her own thing.
  • The prayer sheet keeps us focused on the heart of the matter, making sure we name teachers and schools as well as our own children, calling us to selfless prayer for others.
  • By praying for Moms in Prayer concerns, we are reminded weekly that we are part of a beautiful sisterhood of believers around the world who are all on a mission to ask God to raise up a generation of Christ-followers after us. It’s inspiring!
  • That little reminder at the bottom of every sheet keeps us disciplined in confidentiality.

I often pray spontaneous prayers as I go about my day, asking God for help in the mundane and in the profound things of life that pass my way. I love walking with Him and “winging a prayer” to Him whenever there is a need.

But when I’m getting down to the specific business of praying with others for the next generation to know the living God … I want a prayer sheet. I want structure. I want to be on a mission with others who feel as I do as we storm the gates of heaven for the very lives of our children.

I thank God for the discipline that the Four Steps of Prayer have brought to my intercessory prayer life.


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Sharon Gamble is former Moms in Prayer USA Director and founder of Sweet Selah Ministries. She is a frequent speaker on the subject of prayer at ladies’ groups and conferences and she loves to share from both personal experience and from the Word of God on the value and necessity of prayer. Sharon and her husband Ray have two daughters, Kathryn and Mary, two sons-in-law, Brandon and Angel, and an ever-growing number of adorable grandchildren. Sharon will also be speaking at Unshaken Oklahoma.

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