Praying for your Kids – The Greatest Gift

By Cynthia Weisbecker 

My oldest child was starting first grade when my sister-in-law shared with me about Moms in Prayer International. She told me that this was a weekly meeting where moms gathered to pray for their children and schools. I was interested because praying with others had always given me great encouragement. I was motivated, actually driven, to find other moms who would want to pray together. 
What Happens When We Pray
God provided! The first two moms I asked to pray with me said yes, and a Moms in Prayer group began for our school district. As we prayed together, our fears were replaced with faith and a close bond of friendship developed. I was yet to find out how much God would do in my life through just one hour a week in a Moms in Prayer meeting. My relationship with God deepened as I got to know Him better. My faith increased as I witnessed countless answers to prayer. My burdens for my child and her school were replaced with God’s inner peace.
Today, I continue to pray in a Moms in Prayer group. Why? I’ve learned there’s no greater gift that I can give my children then my prayers for them. There is power in corporate prayer, two or more agreeing according to God’s will. My discouragement becomes replaced with encouragement when another mom prays for my child. And God has been faithful to answer my prayers. One prayer I shared with a mom I’ve been praying with for more than 15 years was that God would provide godly husbands for our daughters. He did! Both of our daughters married wonderful men recently.
Four Powerful Steps of Prayer
A Moms in Prayer meeting is an inviting place for all to talk to God about what’s on their hearts. It’s conversational prayer where time is spent praying together through the Four Steps of Prayer: Praising God for who He is; silently Confessing sins to the God who forgives; Thanking God in all things, and Interceding for others by praying scripturally and specifically for them.
Every School Everywhere Covered in Prayer
The vision for the ministry is that every school in the world would be covered with prayer.    
God’s word says, “Where there is no vision the people perish.”  (Proverbs 29:18)  Schools, including universities, are filled with students who need hope and a reason for living.  Jesus said, “Satan is out to steal, kill and destroy but I came to give life and life abundantly.” (John 10:10)  The enemy wants to destroy our children. Look around and you can see all the tactics that are being used—drugs, promiscuity, alcohol, depression. Moms in Prayer groups are fighting through prayer for God’s protection and life in Jesus for our children. My vision as NJ State Coordinator is for every child and school in our state to be covered in prayer and for every mom to experience God’s peace and encouragement in praying with others.
Make the greatest investment in your child’s life and your own by praying in a Moms in Prayer group.  It’s easy to find a group  near you. How has Moms in Prayer transformed your life? Please leave us a comment.

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  1. Cynthia, what can I say. God be praised! You are such an inspiration to me. I have, or should I say, God has in His own amazing way, started a "Moms in Prayer" group for me an another sister in the Lord. God has burdened our hearts for our wayward children and brought us together to pray. We started last year 2014 and its January 2015, 7 months. We see God moving in amazing ways. You are such an inspiration to me to say that your prayers cover schools all over the world. Man, I am in the Pacific and for that prayer cover, I am so so inspired. God gets the maximum glory. God bless you and family and your group of "moms in prayer". Vonnie, PNG. (

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