Starting your own Moms in Prayer group

You’ve been thinking …

Yes, my child and my child’s school deserve prayer.

I see the benefit of joining with other moms.

Every Moms in Prayer group needs a leader.

What about me? Maybe I could lead a group. (It’s easier than you might think.)

Ask God to be the real leader of your group. Whether you feel confident with the title “leader,” scared to step out in faith or something in between, yielding to God takes all the pressure off of you—and will grow the best Moms in Prayer group possible.

First Step: The Moms in Prayer International Booklet will be your best friend. Buy it. Read it. Make it your own. Written just for you, it’s packed with everything you need to start a group—and more. With the backstory, sample prayers, scriptures to use, it’s your complete guide to what we do, how we do it and why.

Next Step: Ask God for one other mom to join you. All you need is one other woman to begin a Moms in Prayer group! Invite friends, your Bible study group, women at church, Christian neighbors. Tell them how God has been nudging you with an urgency to gather in united prayer for your children and schools. We have Outreach Tools to make this easy for you. You might seek prayer partners through church bulletins or Christian school newsletters, but please not in public school notices.

Help is available. Prayer Tools will help you with your weekly group prayer time including Attributes of God, Prayer Sheets, the Four Steps of Prayer and Building Strong Groups. You can also contact your local leadership if you have questions.

The Last Step is to Register. This makes it easy for other moms in your area to find and connect with your group.

Group Types

One School: The one-school Moms in Prayer group prays for a specific school— elementary, middle or high school.
College/University: Women pray for their college students and the college(s) they attend.
Career: Mothers of adult children who are no longer in school can still be praying for this important season in their child’s life.
Grandmothers: Grandmothers can pray with a group for the school their grandchildren attend or they can form a grandmothers group. Several schools and all ages of children may be represented.
Children with Special Needs: Mothers who have children with special needs often pray in church-based groups. However, for moms who wish to pray specifically with those who understand the uniqueness of raising a child with special needs, they can form a special needs group.
Church-based: Women in a local community may choose to meet in a local home, church or other setting to pray for their children and the schools they attend. Several schools and various ages of children may be represented.
Homeschool: Homeschool moms are in a unique position to pray for themselves as both teacher and mom.
Language-based: Moms who come together based on a language other than English can register as a language-based group.
Military Families: Wives of husbands in the military, or moms serving in the military, join together to pray with other moms for their children and schools. Praying in a Moms in Prayer group provides great encouragement as you gather once a week with like-minded moms.
Preschool: A preschool group can be mothers gathered to pray for children who attend preschool or a group praying for children not yet attending school.
Prison/Jail: Moms in Prayer leaders minister to moms in prison by facilitating an hour of prayer for the children these moms so desperately miss.
Prodigal: Mothers of wayward children can feel isolated and distraught. Meeting to pray with other moms can bring hope as together the children are lifted to the Lord. Moms of prodigal children can form a prodigal group or can pray with any relevant group type.
Working Moms: Moms who work outside the home can pray together before work, at lunch or after work.

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