January 2018

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[Pray daily] Father, in Jesus’ name, cover every child and every school worldwide in prayer, and …  New Year’s Day
Form groups from
a recent trip when
Moms in Prayer was
shared with 200 women in 7 cities and churches in Albania
Teach each praying woman to ask and receive at least one other woman to
join her group
this school year
Lord, provide a
roster manager
this quarter with courageous faith for Arkansas, Indiana
and Michigan
Show moms in new fresh ways what a blessing it is to them and countless others
to be a Moms
in Prayer leader
Anoint Sally, Cathi
and Monica at
the 2-day The
Mom Conference:
Next Generation

that starts today
God of order, help
the roster update
this month be
accurate and completed in
a timely manner
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Abundantly bless
all who give freely
and wholeheartedly
to You, Lord,
through this ministry of Yours
God, allow a successful opening of online registration
this week for the
April 27-28
Unshaken Colorado
Go before AC Angie and family traveling
to Peru; empower
her as she speaks on prayer at a women’s event the 19th
Global Day Prayer/Fasting
Pour out a mighty
spirit of prayer and courageous faith
throughout this year; glorify Yourself with lasting fruit
Allow much fruit
from the Campaign of One
in the USA
Southwest Division
Direct Grace and her team in India as they pray and plan their 10th Moms in Prayer Anniversary Celebration
this year
Lord, spur
ongoing fruit from
monthly regional prayer calls, connect every praying mom with one or more
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Father, grow
and strengthen the four new
Moms in Prayer groups
in Paraguay
Meet or exceed
each of the goals for
Arizona’s Walk by Faith 5k on February 3rd for
Your greater glory
Double the number
of area coordinators
in each state and identify who is to fill the open state coordinator positions
Draw women from Southeast Wisconsin to fellowship Saturday to encourage and challenge Moms in Prayer leaders Open doors of
opportunity for
Althea in Trinidad
to share this ministry on
the radio
Father, bring good from tragedies,
gather more moms to pray as a result of fires, floods, earthquakes and shootings
Lord, prepare hearts for today's event in Kansas City, Missouri, resulting in encouragement
and new groups
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Lord of the Harvest,
lift up passionate
women from
different language groups into leadership and train new leaders
Grant Cornelia and
her team wisdom as they plan Switzerland’s 2018 Moms in
Prayer Anniversary Celebration
Go before and
prosper ongoing
follow up from
previous Unshaken events to cover
more schools
Help missionary Debbie from IL follow through with her interest in starting a multi-school group in Czech Republic Lord God, continue
to show favor
and protect
Moms in Prayer,
keep it pure and
unified worldwide
Unleash courageous
faith in So. California leaders as they gather together
for their State
Getaway tomorrow
Holy Spirit, impart
wisdom and unity
as You lead
and guide the Board of Directors meeting today
28 29 30 31      
God, provide
everyone with safe travel, good health
and freedom in You throughout this
SC Getaway week
Father, confirm
the call to the
three ladies considering stepping into leadership
in Colombia
Expand church
outreach efforts
and embolden
more women to join
or start groups
around the world
Direct the
preparation of
Moms in Prayer
resources for outreach to moms with special
needs children
  Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction,
faithful in prayer.
(Romans 12:12)

AC: Area Coordinator   IL: Illinois   SC: State Coordinator

February 2018


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[Pray daily] Almighty God, I pray in Jesus’ name
that every child and every school throughout the world will be covered in prayer by a Moms in Prayer group, and …
      Strengthen existing groups in Bulgaria
by showing moms
the impact prayer makes on their children and schools
Furnish key
leadership with a full team for every area from rural to
densely populated including inner cities
Father, ignite and
equip the new leadership that You have raised up in
Sierra Leone with
courageous faith
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Bless and keep
our translators
as they help update ministry Booklets and resources
LORD, be like a
wall of fire protecting all our equipment, emails, websites,
data, database,
and phones
Spirit, strategically
guide women to
the website to
receive hope and an opportunity to connect
in prayer
Energize Ecuador Country Coordinator Lidia and her team as they plan an anniversary event
for this year
God, raise up Christian teachers and administrators who live and share their faith, uphold biblical values
in schools
Set our young
people free from any
and all addictions, keep everyone safe on and
off campus
Give women
boldness to share Moms in Prayer and impassion moms to join or start groups in Papua New Guinea
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
God, call women to
pray in Denmark
and increase the
number of Moms in Prayer
groups there
Encourage each
young Michigan mom as Lee shares at a MOPS group the 13th and Marlae the 20th;
gather them to pray
Lord, strengthen
state teams and prepare more
leaders to become
ACs, GIAs and
leader encouragers
Spark giving as a
love gift to You, an act of worship to help cover more children and schools in prayer around the globe
Father, establish
Moms in Prayer
groups in Libya
where we currently know of
no groups
Cause all leaders and leadership to seek Your guidance, God, in all things and grow in faith as they serve You through this ministry Increase registration for March 10th
Unshaken Ohio
and make ready
every detail, speaker and attendee
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Father, further Your kingdom as Christian students are strong and very courageous to be salt and light in their schools Lord, hand pick
women for the leaders’ team and spread Moms in Prayer throughout every
state in Austria
Cover Christine from FL and her ministry team as they go to Haiti 21st -28th to work at a school and share
Moms in Prayer
Use Fern mightily
to again deliver
Your message at Maranatha’s Friendly Connection in San Diego today
Collegiate Day of Prayer
Draw more to pray
this year than ever
to cover every
campus in prayer; bring spiritual awakening and revival
May new groups
result from the
prayer workshop
at Women’s
World Conference
in Kansas tomorrow
Birth leadership
and moms committed to pray in Hawaii
from a booth at the conference on the
Big Island today
25 26 27 28      
Make a way for many moms from every
Mountain Division
state to attend the
Unshaken Colorado
Conference in April
Father, infuse
every attendee at
the Kansas Getaway March 2-3 with a bigger vision and a deeper commitment
God, provide for the planning, attendees and finances for the Michigan statewide Courageous Faith event
April 14th
Multiply groups in
the United Kingdom
by showing mums
the blessing of
praying for their
children and schools
  And pray in the Spirit on all occasions
with all kinds of prayers and requests ...
be alert and always keep on praying.

(Ephesians 6:18a, NIV)

AC: Area Coordinator   FL: Florida   GIA: Group Information Assistant   MOPS: Mothers of Preschoolers