September 2017

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Bless Our Schools Sunday
September 17

  [Pray daily] Almighty God, I pray in Jesus’ name that every child and every school throughout the world will be
covered in prayer by a Moms in Prayer group, and …
    Pave the way
as ILD Martha
meets with key leadership in Tanzania, Rwanda
and Kenya
Increase registrations of women new to Moms in Prayer for 2017 Unshaken Oklahoma, Hawaii
and Illinois
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Make the training
and roll out of the
new Moms in Prayer leadership tool a helpful blessing to
those in the field
God, ignite a passion for prayer and form groups through outreach to churches
in the southeast
part of Indiana
Relay Your message
on the Zoom call Friday and inspire everyone at the
Moms in Prayer Kickoff in Silicon Valley, CA
Carry and anoint
ILD Barb as
she travels, trains
and equips
key leaders in
China and Mongolia
Father, ensure moms
feel Your love as
they pray for their children with us at K-LOVE Single Moms’ event in NJ
God, allow
Unshaken Oklahoma be all You desire today and tomorrow; speak through Sally, Matt, Kathy, Sharon
Lord, protect our
Multicultural Team
with health and
Your best plans
for their training
September 8-13th
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Embolden Chile
Country Coordinator Sandra and the women as she
teaches Igniting a
Passion to Pray
Encourage Stella
as she leads the
only group is Slovenia, call more women to pray and strengthen many more groups
Be with all travelers to Norway for this week’s European leadership training and 20th Anniversary; anoint Sally, Marlae, Kathrin Envelop Grace as
she proofreads the Spanish LG pages, and enable all
Spanish translations
to go smoothly
Holy Spirit, impassion and multiply the 13 new
Moms in Prayer
groups that have started in Indonesia
Raise up prayer
groups in the
Middle East,
protect the women
and their families who
are called to pray
Rejuvenate existing prison volunteers for the Fall, revive groups and match prison ministry teams with facility openings
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Bless Our School Sunday
Bless many more churches joining in united global prayer
for schools, teachers and students plus
host prayer groups
Cover key leaders
in prayer, spread the Moms in Prayer spark into a large
fresh wind, fresh fire across Estonia
Guide AC Maria
and her team as
they plan an
October event with
Turrialba area moms
in Costa Rica
Lord, prepare
hearts and fill Lee
to overflowing for
events in Michigan
this month and
upcoming months
Father, impact the hearers of the Word through Pam in STX as she speaks at Women Physicians in Christ conference 21st - 24th Form new groups in urban areas of Wichita, Kansas City, KS and beyond as a result of outreach at the recent women’s conference Holy Spirit, grant wisdom and unity for a productive
board meeting
today, guide every ministry decision
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Global Week Student Prayer
May students find
new and unique ways, places and times to pray this week,
launch on-campus prayer and ministries
Father, give direction for a weekend prayer meeting this Fall for the Nebraska
area coordinators
and state team
God, produce timely and effective follow up from the Unshaken Oklahoma conference for more schools
to be covered
See You at the Pole
Jesus, bring
students, teachers
and faculty to pray
in Your name around the flagpoles and usher in revival
Continue to provide cheerful givers to support financial
needs for more moms to pray for their children and schools
Strengthen existing and bring new groups out of Fall gatherings in the Mid-Atlantic
and all divisions
of the USA
Surround Sally
traveling to Chile for many speaking events with Chile Country Coordinator Sandra October 1-6


 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. (Romans 12:12 NIV)

AC: Area Coordinator CA: California ILD: International Leadership Developer LG: Leader’s Guide NJ: New Jersey STX: South Texas


October 2017

[Pray daily] Almighty God, I pray in Jesus’ name that every child and every school worldwide will be covered in prayer…


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Cause many Idaho Moms in Prayer moms to invite and bring friends to Rally in the Valley tomorrow God, go before and
be with Heidi and Sylvia traveling to China; give boldness as they share
Moms in Prayer
Attract many to the Operation Ballgown fundraiser the 20th in CA; may this help our resources and training
onto military bases
Spur HQ to develop dynamic resources and multiply sales on our shop sites to increase our outreach to more moms Safeguard our
website, database, email system, phones plus equipment at headquarters
and in the field
Father, activate the women You blessed
in Chile through
Sally, CC Sandra
and the new Spanish
Unshaken book
At KLOVE Single Mom's Event in
Denver today, may
Moms in Prayer
inspire many moms
to gather to pray
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Father, help
Campaign of One be well communicated throughout the Southwest Region
and bear much fruit
Energize Kristi in the country of Georgia, grow her group and raise up new groups, bring opportunities to share in churches Equip and empower new AC Ginny as she serves in the
Las Vegas area and helps start groups for
a multitude of schools
Bring fruit from a recent Moms in Prayer event in Bangalore, India, where mothers and a teacher want
to start groups
Holy Spirit, summon
more area coordinators and praying moms
in every state, especially in under-reached areas
Lord God, have
Your way with everything related to Unshaken
Hawaii on Oahu
today and tomorrow
Start new groups
after today’s testimony and training by Olga and Dinah at a Slavic women's church event in Cleveland, Ohio
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Make connections
with praying moms
and churches in order to spread groups throughout Philadelphia, PA
Father, provide
a roster manager
for Indiana and every other
state that still needs one
Protect and refresh
all of our regional directors, country coordinators and leaders in Europe and Israel
Grow all leadership with a renewed vision, strength and passion for their areas throughout this school year Create momentum from Michelle’s trip, open doors to promote Moms in Prayer in Peru at pastors’ wives conference 19th - 21st God, use Operation Ballgown tonight, the new Military Family FB page and other means to gather moms to pray at all installations Lord, raise up a
state coordinator for Alaska and 3 area coordinators, also Your will to fill openings in other states/countries
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Inspire Ecuador Country Coordinator Lidia as she prays for, trains and encourages leadership and
praying moms
Spark growth in leadership and interest in Detroit and the surrounding area, increase groups in each MI school district Father God, open the windows of heaven, pour out an abundance of donations to meet all financial needs of Moms in Prayer Lord, speak
through Cathi and
give hope to each MOPS mom hearing Your message today in San Diego
Empower Country Helper Claudia as she encourages women in Guyana, raise up key leaders and multiply groups Call women to take Moms in Prayer into Denver Women’s Correctional Facility,
as well as to other incarcerated women
God, Your favor
and strategies on
how to share
with organizations serving special needs families
29 30 31        
Allow a great
harvest of leaders, groups, ACs and team members
this year for New Mexico and beyond
Father, forge new relationships between the Global Department
and praying women as
key leaders worldwide are encouraged
Jehovah, cover all details regarding Unshaken Illinois November 3-4;
prepare speakers and attendees

I will keep my eyes always on the LORD.
With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

(Psalm 16:8 NIV)


AC: Area Coordinator CA: California CC: Country Coordinator FB: FaceBook HQ: Moms in Prayer Headquarters
MI: Michigan MOPS: Mothers of Preschoolers PA: Pennsylvania