July 2017

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September 17, 2017
Double blessings, double number of churches…
  [Pray daily] Almighty God, I pray in Jesus’ name that every child and every school throughout the world will be
covered in prayer by a Moms in Prayer group, and …
      Enable Pam to share
Moms in Prayer powerfully in the Dominican Republic
today until the 15th
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Empower Betty in Paraguay this week,
create opportunities to connect with our RC and to share Spanish resources with others
Be with ILD Kay in Swaziland; strengthen all who do God’s work with courageous faith in the midst of tremendous adversity USA Independence Day
God, stir up moms'
hearts this summer, ignite a passion to
join or start a group
in areas where
there are none
Fruit from Wendy Palau’s message on FISH Radio Portland + advertising on KLOVE in Oregon August
and September
Undergird Michelle presenting the 4 Steps of Prayer
to 40-50 women in Paraguay today, then to Peru 8th to 15th
Bless Good News Across America in Milwaukee and stir moms to follow up with prayer for
children and schools
Let Nebraska ACs
walk boldly through open doors this summer as they hold Meet and Greets and train new leaders
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Watch over Lisa
sharing Moms in Prayer with teachers and mothers in Zambia until July 17
Guide College Groups Facilitator Julie to the theme for college prayer points for the next academic year Impassion Angie
stepping into the Spanish Multicultural role and select others for different languages
Safeguard our
website, database, phones plus equipment at headquarters and in the field
Bring all parts of the new 4 Steps of Prayer video together so it is dynamic,
clear and helpful
Protect Pam as she travels back to Benin,
open her schedule
to share Moms in Prayer, multiply groups
Coordinator Jane Esther as she trains leaders today in Curitiba, Brazil
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God, draw praying moms to regional Mt. Nebo summer prayer events across Massachusetts May new groups spring up from young moms attending IAPTP at a New Jersey church Vacation Bible School Remind moms to share their Moms in Prayer stories throughout the summer and invite others moms to pray Urge many women new to Moms in Prayer to register
this summer for Unshaken Illinois
Holy Spirit, give favor, wisdom and guidance to new Cameroon Country Coordinator Christiane Cover Kathy’s travels to Cork, Ireland, and wisdom as she shares Moms in Prayer
mini 4-steps books
Challenge women
to pray as You speak
through Monica Dean today at a church in San Diego, CA
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Surround Nadine as
she travels to Germany to share Moms in Prayer and helps Katie start a group
Move moms’ hearts in Utah, NV and WY to volunteer and connect new moms to groups and train new leaders Help moms share with their pastors and ask them to participate in Bless Our Schools Sunday Sept. 17 As Pauline shares,
Holy Spirit, ignite Spanish-speaking moms and form groups in South Texas
Supply more donors willing to commit to monthly giving and ample provision for
summer finances
Father, hand pick translators to help update
our Booklets in
various languages
Lord, call moms to
lead special needs
groups and/or
special needs
prayer calls
30 31          
God, choose a state coordinator for Alaska, Maryland, North and South Dakota, and Louisiana Open doors to share Moms in Prayer in churches around the world and birth
many new groups
    And pray in the Spirit on all occasions
With all kinds of prayers and requests ... be alert and always keep on praying.
(Ephesians 6:18a, NIV)


AC: Area Coordinator   CA: California   IAPTP: Igniting a Passion to Pray curriculum   ILD: International Leadership Developer
NV: Nevada   RC: Regional Coordinator   WY: Wyoming


August 2017


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[Pray daily] Almighty God, I pray in Jesus’ name that every child and every school throughout the world will be covered in prayer by a Moms in Prayer group, and …   Establish new groups in South Korean churches, fresh wind and a renewed passion to pray without
ceasing in all groups
Bless military wives and raise funds through a
very successful and
our first exciting
Operation Ballgown
Anoint Sally, Cyndie and WBCL Radio
out of Indiana as they
talk about the
Unshaken book and
Moms in Prayer
God, make a way
for all group leaders
to attend their Fall Courageous Faith
events or area
leader gatherings
Give great results
from back-to-school gatherings and
strong turn outs
in Indiana and
New Mexico today
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Embolden moms as they see Your power and glory through answered, one accord prayer according
to Your will
Unify non-English-speaking mothers in the UK through the Moms in Prayer Booklet printed in multiple languages Help those who
have seen God’s mighty answers to prayer desire to thankfully support the
ministry financially
Father, give our children in all
schools curriculum
with high moral standards and
biblical values
Lord, fill SC Stacy
as she shares
Moms in Prayer and encourages teams heading to schools all over the country
Bring prepared
hearts to Hawaii
State Getaway
today – Sunday to be encouraged, equipped and empowered
God, abundantly
bless the
“Campaign of One”
in the Southwest region, growing groups and leadership
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Raise up
passionate prison ministry state liaisons and open doors to increase prayer for
incarcerated mothers
Father, protect this ministry of Yours, keep it untarnished
and pure; Holy Spirit, direct every ministry decision
Give a clear call for women to step up to regional coordinator in large states and to area coordinator
in all states
God, provide Your choice of speakers, worship artists and women in leadership for our 2018 Unshaken events Equip and uphold
new Romania Area Coordinator Kinga
as You launch her into this new leadership role
Attract and direct
many women
to the 2017
Unshaken Oklahoma,
Hawaii and
Illinois events
Use our booth and resources to lift hearts at the Fish Fest Radio Station Concert drawing 7,000 people
in Oregon today
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Go before and
make fruitful the
continued follow up
for new groups
after Unshaken
Establish a team
to assist Military Family Liaison Salena in bringing the weapon of united prayer to military families
Cause all groups to remain strong through the school year even as former leaders
step down and new leaders step up
Make the training
and roll out of the Moms in Prayer new leadership tool
a blessing to
those in the field
Father, multiply
much fruit that
remains from the
Ghana leaders
training Margaret
held in April
Plant a deep desire in women worldwide to be obedient to
You, Lord, when
called to step into leadership positions
Identify and fill all
open leadership team positions including finance and roster manager, GIA, social media coordinator
27 28 29 30 31    
Capitalize on promotions throughout Hawaii for the Unshaken in October; summon women to register and attend Direct plans and action as both SCs seek
Your will for an October bilingual outreach event throughout California
Utilize SC Elise and son Devon’s prodigal video to encourage hurting hearts at Unshaken Oklahoma Sept 8-9 God, grant
wisdom and discernment for
Moms in Prayer ministry
Father, may the headquarters Staff Day honor You;
make it all that You want it to be - inspiring, unifying and fun
Bless Our Schools Sunday, Sept. 17th
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” - Jesus
(Matthew 7:7, NIV)


GIA: Group Information Assistant                                      SC: State Coordinator