Partially Filled in Prayer Sheets

The following partially filled-in prayer sheets are available in Word document format.  Click on the attribute of God you wish to focus on during Praise time.  When the file opens, save it to a folder on your computer.  You will then be able to customize your document, adding in the date, school requests and ministry requests.

Would you like to submit a new prayer sheet that can be used for the prayer sheet of the month? Please submit via email to: 

For a blank Prayer Sheet in Word format, click here.

Important note for MAC users: Once you choose an attribute, be sure to fully expand the webpage in order to view the “download for printing” button.

Thanks to our Prayer Sheet of the Month contributors:

August 2017: “Establishes” – Jolene from Oklahoma
September 2017: “Encourager” – Kristin from Michigan
October 2017: “Accessible” – Lil from Arkansas
November 2017: “Deliverer” – Yvonne from California

January 2018: “Unites” – Robin from Illinois
February 2018: “Revives” – Sue from California
March 2018: “Living God” – Kay from Arizona
April 2018: “Inheritance” – Pam from Texas
May 2018: “Joy” – Andrea from Florida