Перед тем как ваш ребенок Heads в колледж

Число студентов, отказавшись от своей веры в колледже ошеломляет. Сегодня гость, Laurel Бункер, VP христианских Формирование и церковных отношений университета Вефиль в Миннеаполисе, Миннесота говорит мамы по-прежнему центральное влияние в жизни своих детей, даже после того, как они покидают дом для колледжа. Laurel explains the best steps parents can take as they help their student select schools and prepare them to launch, including a few difficult training conversations that must take place.

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Ministries and Websites Discussed:
Каждое движение Campus
Ratio Christi Campus Apologetics Alliance
To research the spiritual climate on campuses and Christian groups on campus check out https://campusministrylink.org/
Ravi Zacharias’ training ministry for students:
Summit Ministries

Moms in Prayer College Ministries:

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Laurel Бункер is the Associate VP of Christian Formation and Church Relations at Bethel University in St. Павел, Миннесота. As campus pastor, Laurel serves as the primary preacher in chapel and leads a team that is dedicated to providing transformational ministry opportunities for the Bethel community. She is a member of the President’s Executive Leadership Team, providing strategic guidance on issues related to the spiritual formation and personal development of the student body. She also teaches and trains at colleges, церкви, and para-church organizations in the areas of leadership, spiritual development, biblical issues in the 21st-century, и более. Laurel and her husband, Джошуа, have two daughters.


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  1. OUTSTANDING ladiesthis was so worth the redo Lee! This is definitely a #KeepItReal parent adulting podcast! *shared with ALL my college moms and i am listening to again! One of my favorite parts was when you asked if we had someone that i can ask race questions. #PRICELESS Fortunately, i have several, but i know everyone is not still not comfortable. As a woman of color, i want everyone to know i welcome and desire REAL conversations. In these times, the #MIPsisterhood is one of my #safeplaces.

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